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Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Ideas!

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we know how hard it is to find that special something that lets your mom know that you simply love her and appreciate her.

So, without further ado, here is our Top 10 Mother's Day Gift Idea List to make it easy!

Soapy Soles Elite Foot Scrub is the ultimate way to clean and massage feet! Scrub, massage and stimulate feel with three different surfaces:
1) Clean with the grass-like surface
2) Massage with the more tactile surface
3) Stimulate the heel and ball of foot with the center oval
Only $17.73 plus shipping!

Deluxe Hand Held Shower Head has FIVE settings: Regular, massage, mist, massage/regular and mist/regular. Mounts easily to existing shower head, so your "honey-do" list is simple!
Only $25.50 plus shipping!

Thermophore Moist Heat Pad for soothing pain relief, this pad provides intense moist heat without the use of water. Features 20 minute, 4 stage treatments with auto-off. Great for arthritis, rheumatism and chronic pain.
Only $78.55 plus shipping!

Slipper/Fall Prevention Socks come in green, purple, red or yellow and are made of soft terrycloth with grippers on the top and bottom. No fitted heel so these fit most people.
Only $3.70 per pair plus shipping!

Sween 24 Once-A-Day Moisturizer is a staff favorite! Apply it once per day and it moisturizes for a full 24 hours! We recommend application at night before bed.
Only $6.23 plus shipping!

Theracane Self Massager is also a staff favorite and we have blogged about this little gem here previously! Helps you to reach and massage those hard to reach knots!
Only $38.67 plus shipping!

Pedlar Exerciser can be used with arms and legs and is foldable for easy transport or storage. Records time, revolution count, revolution per minute and calorie count.
Only $49.07 plus shipping!

Nova Designer Walking Cane we recommend Maui Flower or Blue Floral. Adjustable in height from 30" to 39" with a soft, comfortable offset handle.
Only $22.37 plus shipping!

Nova 4 Wheeled Walker is the lightest walker available with hand brakes at just 13.5 pounds! Fits users 5'4" to 6'1". Easy to lift and perfect for strolling outdoors.
Only $121.57 plus shipping!

Pride Lift Chairs Our prices start at just $545.00!! Choose your recline option, chair size, chair model and chair fabric for a chair that is as individual and unique as Mom! These chairs provide independence, comfort and wonderful style that will compliment any decor! (Local sales only for lift chairs)

We can drop-ship nationwide to anywhere in the contiguous US!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Here's to New Options!

I am very excited to announce that there is a new Ostomy Clinic at Presbyterian/St. Luke's Medical Center here in the Denver area!

This clinic will provide ostomy patients access to a team of individuals with expertise in ostomy care, including Board Certified Colorectal Surgeon and Wound/Ostomy RNs, by appointment, two Wednesday's per month.

There was a need and a new option arose to fill that need!

Last Friday, one of our owners told me about his visit to a Take Care Clinic because his regular doctor couldnt see him until Monday. His visit took 40 minutes, it cost the same as his regular co-pay to his regular doctor, and he picked up his prescription on the spot! A new option is available to fill a need!

Good old fashioned American ingenuity!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Price Changes

Yesterday, one of our suppliers sent us notice of price changes. These are common in our line of work and we try to keep our prices very current and change them when they happen. I do know that some medical supply companies have a bigger margin built into their prices so they change their prices less frequently, maybe once a year.

We figure our customers benefit from our extra work because we always keep them as low as possible, but thats just us....

Anyway, I am always surprised that in a list of about 50 items, there are always one or two items that the price actually goes down. Its always a happy surprise and I sometimes wonder to myself if someone in their accounting department made a mistake.

I picture the exchange going something like this:

"Hey Bob, I think you inadvertently raised the price on this item last time."

"Oh, thanks for chatching that, Gene, I'll fix that with the next price change announcement."

I have worked in accounting, so I know first hand that is about as exciting as it gets in accounting. But I love my accountant friends, nonetheless!


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Aeromatherapy Walking Cane

What an ingenious idea we have on our hands at Mountain View Medical Supply!

Nova has a new product: Aeromatherapy Walking Cane

This walking cane has a soft rubber handle (very comfy, by the way) that is infused with a soft lavender scent! Its kind of like a scented marker, but this is for grown-ups! (You cant color with it, but like the markers, it leaves your hands smelling nice) Lavender is known for its relaxing and calming effects.

The cane is a soft lavender color from handle to tip and is adjustable in height from 30" - 39". Weight capacity is 300lbs. Includes wrist strap.

Click HERE to purchase yours today!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things I Love About Friday!

I realized quite a while ago, I needed to work a regular job Monday through Friday with general hours during the day because I LOVE Friday! When I work five days straight and know a few free days are next, it seems to make my work that much more rewarding.

Here are the things I love about Friday, in no particular order:

- Drivers on the road seem to be more friendly and capable of driving effectively.
- Fixing Dinner doesnt seem to be as much of a chore.
- I can stay up and watch a movie (or rather fall asleep watching a movie).
- Spending $5 for a latte at ShmarSmucks doesnt seem too frivolous.
- My teenage kids are more willing to help around the house.
- Grocery shopping is almost fun (but only after 7pm - before that, its a zoo).
- My coworkers are generally in a better and fun mood.
- Our store is busier so the day just flies by!

Feel free to share your favorite things about Friday with us!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Registery For Stoma Names

I am not an ostomate personally, but being in this business has certainly made me aware of how overwhelming having one could be. I can only imagine and I give huge kudos to those living with an ostomy - you are my heros!

For those of you not aware, an ostomy is an operation to create an opening (a stoma) from an area inside of the body to the outside. Colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy are types of ostomies to eliminate bodily waste. Ostomates then use ostomy systems, barriers, pouches and various collection devices, to collect the bodily waste.

A stoma can look like this:

To help ostomates come to terms with their ostomy, it has been suggested that an ostomate name their stoma. I came across a site today that you can actually register the name of our stoma!

A few of my personal favorites are:
"Lavagirl" - cause stuff would all the sudden just come out like a volcano.
"Poopy Pete"
"Chatty Kathy" - Remember those irritating dolls call Chatty Kathy? My daughter had one. Since I seem to have a very noisy stoma that has absolutely no social manners this is an appropiate name in my opinion.
"Hamilton" - I named him Hamilton after my surgeon. He made it.

I think the above stoma could be "Rosebud". Remember the Cosby Show where his daughter sassily pronounced it like "Rosebuuuuud"?

Click HERE to register your stoma's name!

Click To Request our Information & Resources for New Ostomates (free) booklet.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stomach Flu in Spring? Yep....

Im recovering from the stomach flu which knocked me out for 4 days - and over the coveted weekend, no less. Mother Nature can be mean sometimes!

How did I have the stomach flu for 4 days, you ask? I fulfilled the requisite 24 hours of driving the porcelain bus along with the body aches and pains. Then, as an added bonus, I was given another three days of nausea and tiredness. Not to mention fog-of-the-brain. There was not much going on upstairs!

I know that a flu shot will be suggested to avoid this again, but I have to be honest and say that I have never had one. I dont believe in them - with the exception of certain people such as the elderly and anyone who has a compromised immune system, and those that are constantly exposed to viruses, such as health care workers.

I havent had any kind of flu for many, many years. In fact, I was trying to remember the last time, and I could not.

I do believe in immunizations in general, and me and my children are up to date.

I am, however still on the fence with the chicken pox vaccination, which I believe is now required. Both of my children had them - one on the 4th of July and one on Christmas Eve (Santa did come, apparently he had had them already). I have known two adults who experienced chicken pox and prior to contracting the virus, neither knew they had not had them before. One said she begged the doctor to put her in a coma until it was over. The other actually slipped into a coma and almost died. The one thing we do know is that chicken pox is better handled at a younger age.

My point is this: At some point, we may protect ourselves to the point where our bodies can no longer protect itself.

Like I said before...mother nature can be mean!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

This Much I Know is True

Recently, I am hearing first-hand about what the health insurance companies are quoting businesses for the coming year.

This much, I know is true: Expect changes to current health care plans.

The new health care bill essentially doesnt go into full effect until 2014, so we have a gap that will certainly be filled with changes.

Prediction #1: The days of 90/10 are coming to a close. Employees will be hard pressed to find an employer that will pay 90% of their insurance policy. 80/20 may even be hard to find.

Prediction #2: Office visit copays will go up 10-30%, along with deductibles and out of pocket max's.

Prediction #3: These changes will bring about alternative care options. I have written about the local care clinic's popping up everywhere that cover most everything that a doctor will do in their office - for about the price of an insurance co-pay. It may be less expensive to NOT use your insurance at times!

Prediction #4: Catastrophic health insurance policies will see an increase. (See #3)

Get in, buckle up and hang on for the ride!

Monday, April 5, 2010

HUUUUUGE Price Reduction - I'm So Excited I Cant Sit Still!

We just had a HUGE price reduction on our Nova Zoom 4-Wheeled Walkers!

Click HERE to check out these awesome walkers!

They come in different sizes to fit any size user (be sure to look at the Zoom 18, Zoom 22 & Zoom 24) , come with a wider seat and an extra large carrying pouch for users on the go!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Health Care - Whatsamatta?

I was going through the different articles I have written for our newsletter and came across "Ways to Cut Your Health Care Costs NOW!" from our January 2010 issue. It got me to thinking about the new health care bill signed by the President last week.

Will we really have to care about our health and health-related expenses anymore?

Everyone will have insurance, and every disease, disorder, or condition should be covered with the sky as the limit on how much can be spent on individual health. Do we no longer have an incentive to live a healthier lifestyle?

Will we more readily go to the doctor for something we previously tried treating at home first?

Will we no longer check our hospital and insurance bills carefully, or shop for and ask for generic prescriptions?

What exactly will the new bill cover? If you are diagnosed with cancer, what tests, procedures and treatments will the new policy cover? Will this policy be aggressive enough to help you beat a deadly disease?

What about the privacy of our health records? How will that change now that there will be a shift from the private sector to the public sector?

What if employers cut jobs again or make their positions part time trying to keep their businesses afloat after the last economic downturn?

Will people really go to jail if they fail to sign up or pay for health insurance?

We all want this new policy to work, but what if it doesnt?