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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Life, Liberty & The Pursuit of Happiness

With the close of Memorial Day weekend, I hope everyone took time to think of those who have defended, or now defend our freedom, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We should especially think of those who have died defending our country and these very principals.

This reminds me that we have a right to a government that holds dear the foundation of this beautiful country. Think about it: Freedom. Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness. When I think of our growing dependence on our government, with health care for example, I cant help but question whether these principals are in jeopardy.

America fought to gain freedom from England, who repressed its people with bigger government and higher taxes. Are we not headed back in this direction, in some form or fashion?

Freedom to choose.
Life, quality of life, choices in health care.
Liberty and our ability to govern ourselves.
Pursuit of happiness and the shelter from being taxed heavily.

We should ask ourselves if our founding fathers would think we are on the right path. We should ask ourselves if our government is coveting the very things our military fight, and have fought and died for.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Songs for Your Long Weekend Road Trip!

Planning a road trip for this coming Memorial weekend? Take these suggestions on the road with you!

NIGHT Driving - Take Time to Listen:
Juana Molina, No Seas Antipatica
Linda Perhacs, Chimacum Rain
Mark Hollis, The Colour of Spring
Del Amitiri, Driving with the Brakes On

Songs for the Left Lane:
The Ting Tings, Great DJ
Jackson Browne, Running on Empty
The Helio Sequence, Keep Your Eyes Ahead
Gnarles Barkley, Run

Jazz for a Rental Car:
Bobbi Humphrey, Harlem River Drive
Flora Purim, Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly
Miles Davis, Red China Blues
Herbie Hancock, Actual Proof

Songs for When the City Lights Fade:
John Adams, Short Ride in a Fast Machine
Abbay Mado, Ethipiques, Vol. 7: Ere Mela Mela
The Rolling Stones, Rocks Off
Deep Purple, Highway Star

Songs for Stops Along the Way:
Old Crow Medicine Show, Wagon Wheel
John Hiatt, Drive South
James McMurtry, Choctaw Bingo
Men at Work, Down by the Sea


Friday, May 20, 2011

Wake of waste diminishing

Last year, my husband received the new version of Kindle, the "electronic" book and media device. For those of you unfamiliar, this device allows you to download books, magazines, newspapers, etc., and then "read" it on your Kindle device. It utilizes wireless free of charge and you can get new media basically anywhere you have cell phone service.
So, instead of walking to your driveway for the Sunday paper, you can stay in bed and simply download the paper onto your Kindle. And, instead of checking your mailbox for your monthly magazines, you download them on your Kindle. Need another book? Just shop, purchase and download a new one all within minutes!

I was thinking about how awesome this gadget was and it occurred to me how much of an impact it will make to reduce the use of paper. Again. I mean, look at how the computer changed things. Before Al Gore invented the internet (kidding!), it was unthinkable that computers would reduce paperwork and subsequent paper waste. I now pay most of my bills through my online bank and receive most billing and statements via email. The only mail I receive these days is junk mail or the occassional card from Grandma. (Thanks, Grandma!)

Another interesting waste reduction event happened recently at our home. Our city mandated the use by all residents, of a specific trash service. With this new trash service company, we were given three barrels. One large one for "recyclables", one medium one for "compostables" and one small one for trash. Because the trash barrel was so small, we were forced to recycle more. Previously we had one large barrel for trash and a small bucket for recycleables, and we had to sort the recycleables too. Our new system made it much easier for us to recycle! Plus, we now have a barrel for compostables such as grass clippings and biodegradable food wastes, etc.

Now dont get me wrong, we are not what would be considered a "green" household. Much to our power-and-fume-free-push-lawnmower-neighbors shagrin, my husband still mows the lawn with a riding lawn mower. But it is graditfying to say we are reducing waste in more ways than one!

How have you reduced waste in your household?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Attention Ostomy Bargain Shoppers:

We think is one of those little gems you come across on the internet. Its one of those sites that restores your faith in the whole world wide web thing, after sifting through meaningless stuff, page after page.

And its OURS! Yes, that's right folks! We thought long and hard about how we could help those that have to pay out of pocket for their ostomy systems and how WE could help save our customers some money. is our little love-site.

Here is the deali-O:
First, go to, then, do a little bit of planning, because we only process orders once a month!

Step One: Begin shopping, by simply selecting from the Categories or Manufacturers in the left column. Or, search for a part number by simply entering the manufacturers exact part number in the "search site" box in the upper right hand corner and hit enter on your keyboard.

Step Two: Place your order anytime during the month

Step Three: Between the 1st and 3rd day of the month following order placement, your order will be processed – Your credit card will be charged at this time. (NOTE: On the first day of the following month, orders are not cancelable)

Step Four: Between the 5th and 10th day of the month following order placement, your order will be shipped

Why do we do it this way? Processing orders once per month lowers our overhead and we pass that savings on to you! Check our prices on our ostomy systems against any other site and you will see how much you can save!

January 15th You place your order
February 2nd Your credit card is charged for your order
February 6th Your order ships

Just one note: The ostomy systems we offer on are only ConvaTec. If you need help converting your current ostomy system, or if you have questions, call us at 800-873-7121 or email us at

Our staff has over 75 years of combined experience in the medical supply field so we know how to help you care for your ostomy concerns.


PLUS! We just added a ton more accessory items such as stoma paste, adhesive removers, skin prep wipes, tape and much more!
You can now do one-stop-cheap-shopping with!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

How to take charge of your own medical care

How do you take charge of your own medical care without a medical background? Going to the doctors office or hospital can be overwhelming for the average person with conditions requiring complex or ongoing treatments.

Here are a few tools to help you! offers an abundance of information on physicians, hospitals, nursing homes and even drug ratings. Some reports on this site are free, but in-depth reports will cost you depending on the information you want. You can find and compare physicians in your area, including disciplinary actions, board certifications and patient opinions. You can also receive Watchdog Alerts on your current physician, so you know right away if there are problems.
The free hospital ratings include the most popular hospital conditions such as "patient safety rating". Or, for a fee, receive a comprehensive report that lists ratings, costs on specific procedures, patient volumes, safety, survival, complication and recovery ratings.
Healthgrades also compares and locates nursing facilities in your area and provides state inspection reports, investigated complaints and analysis of recurring problems.
Their prescription drug tool is available for free (beta). Search by drug name (original brand or generic), condition, or alphabetically (since most drugs are so hard to spell, let alone pronounce). Once you find your drug, the site provides you with price level, overall rating, number of ratings and the change in number of prescriptions (a decrease, for example, may indicate a generic version has been released). Most importantly, it provides a comparison tool for drugs treating the same condition.

If you have a medical file that is full of complex information, or spread across several doctor offices, try For a fee, you will receive a prepared, analyzed medical summary, up to 130 pages, which includes a list of questions and concerns most essential to your ongoing healthcare.
For additional fees, you can have all of your records aquired (with your consent), organized and scanned into PDF format. Consulting services are also available to provide condition specific research, health system "navigation" aid, drug interaction reports or options in alternative medicine.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Big Bang in May

Or should we say it plural? The Big BangS in May?

I dont know about you, but the end of the school year, typically in May, is so incredibly busy!

Prom. Graduation. Sporting events. Birthdays. Mothers Day. Memorial Day.

In my family, and in several other families that we know, May is the big birthday month. From April 27 through June 11, our family has TEN birthdays. TEN!

This year we have one niece graduating. Last year we had three that graduated.

And all of these exciting events get to be expensive too. Several of our friends' kids are graduating this year, so six graduation cards had to be purchased and stuffed with "take the world by the horns" starter money. WHEW!

Its like Christmas in May!

Merry MayMas!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Perinneal Wildflowers make for a Beautiful Friday!

Want to paint a landscape that is beautiful year after year?

Here are a few wonderful perinneal wildflowers that you might want to check out for your area.

Blue Flax - Grows up to 2' tall, blooms early-mid season, zones 3-9, full sun, average moisture/well drained.

Butterfly Weed - Grows up to 3' tall, blooms mid-late season, zones 3-10, full sun, adaptable to arid conditions.

Eastern Red Columbine - Grows up to 2', blooms early-mid season, zones 3-9, full sun/partial shade, average-dry soil.

Forget Me Not - Grows under 1', blooms early season, zones 3-9, full sun-almost shade, plenty of moisture (think waterside).

Maximilian's Sunflower - Grows up to 8', blooms late season, zones 3-8, full sun, average moisture, well drained.

Mexican Hat - Grows 2-3', blooms mid-season, zones 3-9, full sun, adaptable to arid conditions.

New England Aster - Grows up to 4', blooms mid-season, zones 3-6 & any altitude, full sun, average moisture, well drained.

Rocky Mountain Pensternon - Grows up to 3', blooms mid-season, zones 3-6 & any altitude, full sun, average moisture, well drained.

Standing Cypress - Grows up to 6', blooms early-mid season, zones 6-10, full sun, average moisture, well drained.

For a full list of perennial wildflowers, and information to buy seeds, click

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Don't Just Vaccinate Against the Flu

When we think of vaccinations, we think of children getting shots for childhood diseases, and then we think of senior citizens over the age of 65 getting flu shots. Times have changed, and to remain protected, there are a few vaccinations needed for protection throughout life.

While infectious diseases have declined, we cannot stop vaccinating or we would see epidemics again. Here is a list of vaccines recommended for older adults, according to the FDA:

FLU - Especially for people over 65, since most deaths occur in this age group. October - November is the best time to get a shot, but shots are available through December or later.

PNEUMONIA - Especially for people over 65. This can prevent serious infections of lungs, blood and covering of the brain.

TETANUS - A severe, often fatal disease with 20% of reported cases resulting in death. Get this booster shot every 10 years. If you can, get it after your birthday to help you remember your last booster!

DIPHTHERIA - This is for a bacteria producing toxins which can cause heart and nerve problems. This is rare in the US, but common in other parts of the world, so be diligent if you travel abroad.

WHOOPING COUGH - Severe coughing spasms. The vaccine for this disease is usually combined with diphtheria and tetanus, and is available for adults up to 64 years old.

SHINGLES - Painful skin rash with blister-like lesions usually on one small side of the body. For people 60 years and older, the risk for shingles begins at age 50 and increases.

MEASLES, MUMPS & RUBELLA (MMR) - Can lead to ear infections, pneumonia, seizures, deafness, meningitis and arthritis. Anyone born after 1956 should get at least one dose of the MMR vaccine unless they have had the vaccine or each of the three diseases (according to the CDC).

HEPATITIS B - A serious disease that affects the liver. All unvaccinated adults at risk for infection should be vaccinated.

Talk with your doctor to determine your vaccination history. In some cases, a blood test can show whether you have immunity to particular diseases.

If you plan to travel abroad, talk to your doctor at least 4-6 weeks before your trip. Most vaccines take time to become effective.

FDA Consumer, Jan-Feb 2007

Monday, May 9, 2011

Personal Hygiene for Less!

Get clean with these two great products for less!

Sage Toothette disposable oral swabs with dentifrice allow gentle cleansing of teeth, mouth, and gums. Mint flavored swabs are individually wrapped. Box of 250. (Box of 20ea also available)

HB5602 - Was $35.63, Now $35.44!

Shower Transport Chair Commode with Drop Arms
Padded seat fits over commode & converts into transport chair. Removable swing away footrests. Drop arm allows for easy patient transfer. 4 locking castors. Pail, lid and padded seat included. Seat height is 19 inches. Width between arms 18inches. overall width is 22 inches. Weight capacity is 250 lbs. Tool-free assembly required.

NO8805 - Was $179.05, Now $170.91!

Click HERE to shop Mountain View Medical Supply today!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Medicare Competitive Bidding and What it Means For the Consumer

Chances are, you or someone you know have purchased or will have to purchase Durable Medical Equipment at some point. What is "Durable Medical Equipment"? According to, Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is a term used to describe certain Medicare benefits/items. The exact items are defined by Title XVIII the Social Security Act. Some examples are wheelchairs, iron lungs, hospital beds, blood testing strips, and only the seat-lift mechanism of a lift chair (why the seat, back and frame is not covered is still a mystery).

Competitive Bidding, or HR 6331, states among other things, that Medicare recipients will receive their DME from medical suppliers who have agreed to accept the lowest prices paid by Medicare for equipment and supplies they sell to Medicare recipients. Medicare’s intention is to reduce fraud and overall cost of DME, thus reducing the national deficit.

What they dont tell you, is that the reimbursement rate to suppliers is so minimal that only large, chain type suppliers will be able to participate in competitive bidding. In fact, all verbage in the application to be a provider is geared toward having many, many locations with one corporate office to make billing with Medicare simple. Volume, huge volume, is the only way to make any type of profit with this program. This eliminates any mom-and-pop medical supply shop from participating. Isnt that shame?

What does this mean to the Medicare Recipient? They still get the DME covered by Medicare, however where they get it from will likely change. In our experience, convenience is important for the population that Medicare serves, however recipients may no longer be able to patronize their neighborhood supplier unless that supplier is a competitive bid winner.

Another issue that has arisen with round one of the competitive bidding process is where consumers go for warranty issues for their DME. Because HR6331 is not clear on who is supposed to cover these issues, competitive bid winners are refusing to help consumers because if they do, any profit they made will be lost, and non-bid winners didnt sell the item in the first place, so why should they help? Imagine Joe, who is not able to get around without his walker, and on a fixed income, having to run around to get his broken walker fixed.

Round two of competitive bidding is in the works, because Medicare has decided it is working well. Are the best interest of our elderly population being served?

For more information from HME News, our industry voice, and CMS, visit:
Competitive Bidding
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Technology Overload

There are times when I sit in the house in total silence, no TV, no music, no computer. I am one of those that doesn't want to lose touch with life without technology. Sometimes I walk without music blasting in my ears so I can enjoy the birds and hear a squirrel scampering around in the trees above me. I need that nature fix more than I need that music fix.

Mobile phones, smart phones and now “tablets”, can keep you connected at all times to all types of technology. Phone, email, skype (video conferencing, for those of you who are not familiar), texting, camera, video, faxing, music, movies, TV, you name it, it is all at your fingertips.

The most recent internet research shows that companies with the most “like’s” on Facebook, will now get higher search result rankings. Doesn't this particular method of providing internet search results seem a bit skewed? Is this a popularity contest, or an elect-the-best-suited-candidate contest? Obviously it’s a ploy to get us to use their site more and more, thus using our technology more and more.
You would think with all of these great gadgets making our lives better and more efficient, that for instance, we would never be late for something important.

I’m sure we have all heard the saying “there is an App for that”. Have trouble getting someplace on time? There is an application that you can use that will help you with that. Have trouble losing weight? There is an app for that. There are mobile applications for just about everything. Your life can almost be run for you!

Then, that begs the question: What happens if you lose your smartphone, or your technology crashes or gets a virus? (Gasp)

New studies suggest that LCD light emitted by computers or other gadgets could be a cause of insomnia. Others argue that intellectual stimulation from using these devices in the evening could also cause insomnia.

Maybe we need a “turn off technology” day. Try it once per month, and then try it once per week. What would really happen if we did this? Would our relationships improve? Would our sleep improve? What would happen if we weren't always reachable at a moments notice? I think we would survive just fine.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Are your feet ready for spring?

I dont know about your feet, but mine have been cramped in shoes, boots or heavy socks and slippers for the past 7 months! My toes are screaming to be set free and get some space from the other toes!

Upon inspection, I realized they needed a little "spring" pick-me-up before I show them in public.

Here are a few of our favorite things to help you proudly show off your tootsies in the next few weeks:

Soft Toe Separators fit between lesser toes to relieve pressure and reduce pain associated with corns, calluses, hammertoes and general "crowding".
$3.93/package of 6

Soapy Soles Elite Foot Scrubber The ultimate way to clean and massage your feet! This 3-in-1 foot care product scrubs, massages and stimulates your feet with three different surfaces.
Clean: Grass-like surface gently cleans your feet without bending over.
Massage: More tactile surface provides a foot massage and increases circulation.
Stimulate: Center oval provies deep stimulation to the heel and ball of the foot.
The center oval is detachable and can be replaced with the Elite Soap Dispenser. Use while standing or sitting.
Powerful suction cups hold the Elite in place. Simply rinse off and attach to the shower wall to dry.
Comes in blue..

Sween Atrac-Tain Cream contains 10% Urea & A.H.A to help relieve severely dry skin. Specially formulated to provide intensive moisturization. This stuff is the BOMB!
$12.72/5oz bottle