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Friday, May 29, 2015

Now in Regal Rose: EZ Fold & Go Walker from Stander

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The EZ Fold & Go Walker from Stander is the worlds most lightweight and portable walker for stress free traveling! It weighs less than 8 lbs, but supports up to 400 lbs; and with the lift of a finger, it folds 4x smaller than your average walker to quickly store in your car, shopping cart, the overhead compartment of an airplane, or discreetly by your side when not in use.
Available in Cobalt Blue and now Regal Rose!
Our Price = $136.36
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

I Wish My Doctor Knew...

What I Wish My Doctor Knew
Some of you have seen the story of the schoolteacher who asked students to anonymously finish the sentence, “I wish my teacher knew…” in an effort to get the children to share something about themselves, and help the teacher understand them better.  The same can be applied to healthcare.  Here are some that are sure to ring true to many of us. Click to read more and leave your thoughts.

I wish my doctor knew how agonizing the wait for results of tests and scans can be. 
I wish my doctor knew more about my condition than I do.
I wish my doctor knew I have things to contribute to the conversation about my illness.
I wish my doctor knew that my life is what we are dealing with, and not how much the insurance will pay.
I wish my doctor knew that the 15 minutes they have for me determines the next several months or years of my life.
I wish my doctor knew that I see her as part of my team.
I wish my doctor(s) knew that it is essential that they all work hand-in-hand as my medical team.
I wish my doctor knew that there is no one to help take care of me.
I wish my doctor could live a day in my body to know what I deal with every day.
I wish my doctor knew a knowledgeable patient should be considered an asset, not a frustration - we have a vested interest in a successful outcome.
I wish my doctor knew how to explain my illness to me.
I wish my doctor had the time to think deeply and creatively about my medical situation.
I wish my doctor knew about taking a more holistic approach to overall health.
I wish my doctor knew how much I hang my hopes on him.
I wish my doctor knew how appreciative I am of all the work they do to keep me going.
I wish my doctors knew how to get in a time machine and go to the future and bring back the info that we need.
I wish my doctor knew that I'm not a hypochondriac.
I wish my doctor knew what I feel like when I go through procedures and have side effects.
I wish my doctor knew that I ask questions because I am a very curious person, not because I'm trying to second guess what he has done.
I wish my doctor knew that he is not the only doctor I'm seeing.
I wish my doctor knew how frustrating it is that she hasn't looked at my history and results before she walks into the room.
I wish my doctor knew that I am not very good at talking about how I feel.
I wish my doctor knew how I can never repay him for saving my life.


Pill Box Keychain Case

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These pill box key chain cases are round and made of durable chrome plated steel to organize your pills. Black velvet pouch and gift box included. Makes a great gift!
Our Price = $9.92 
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Monday, May 25, 2015

How well do YOU know flowering trees?

Every Spring we in American are treated to the wonderful sight and smell of flowering trees!  Sure the flowers are pretty, but there is something special about a rooted tree putting on a beautiful and fragrant display to usher in Spring.
Trees are also important to the environment.  They absorb CO2, removing and storing the carbon while releasing the oxygen back into the air.  They are essentially a natural air filter!  Trees also cool the area around them by up to 10 degrees and a home shaded by trees can reduce air conditioning use by up to 50%.  Grass is naturally a cooler ground cover, so if you choose alternative landscaping, be sure to plant trees as well.  And while you are at it, why not make it a Flowering tree!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Tired of Inferior Socks? Goodhew gives your feet the good life!

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Goodhew brand socks feature high quality, styles, colors and patterns that bring a fresh spin to your feet.
New in stock!  These Sockwell brand socks are made of homegrown wool and custom crafted yarn, and have spandex throughout, ensuring an uncompromising fit no matter the foot size or shape. Features natural moisture-managing and temperature-regulating properties, designed with comfortable flat toe seams, a Y-heel that helps reduce slippage, and a roll-top with a pinch-free fit that won't leave sock lines.
Made of Merino Wool, Bamboo, Stretch Nylon and Spandex. 
Our Price:  $14.90 & Up

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dickies Scrubs: New Luscious Apricot!

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This Dickies EDS Signature V-neck top and drawstring cargo pant feature their
new fashion color: Apricot! 
These missy fit scrubs are made of 55% brushed cotton/45% poly making them
 extra soft and luscious!
Our Price:  $15.49-$20.99

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Monday, May 18, 2015

Now in Stock: Cold Rush Cryo Cuff for SHOULDER

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This system features the same durable motor used in AC or refrigerator units to achieve a higher flow rate, which in turn provides consistent cooling and excellent compression. Up to 6 hours of cold therapy! 
Select Size:
Knee - universal size fits all.
New! Shoulder - small universal size fits all.
Our Price:  $198.57
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Friday, May 15, 2015

New Orange Standard: Black and White

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New Black with White in stock now!
Orange Standard scrubs are always under $20, so you can enjoy great-looking, ultra-comfortable scrubs without the premium price tag.  Now in classy black with white accents, these amazingly soft scrubs are wonderfully durable, flattering, and great for groups!
Made of 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
Our Price:  $17.99 -$19.99

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Crutcheze Seat and Back Covers for Walkers

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These fashionable form fitting covers protect padded seat and backrest from daily wear, tear and sun damage. Made from the finest materials that are resistant to dirt and body oils. Seat cover features a sewn in adjustable elastic cord with a cord lock for a secure fit. Backrest cover wraps over rollbar padding and attaches with hook and loop Velcro, which allows for a snug fit. One size fits most rollator walkers.  Leopard and Peacock in stock now!  $24.92/set
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Monday, May 11, 2015

Hey, Gentlemen! New Olive Scrubs Now in Stock!

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NEW In-Stock!
Luxurious economy scrubs in Olive. The unisex V-neck top features double needle stitching and a chest pocket with an instrument holder. Also included are two patch pockets, an additional instrument/cell phone pocket on right side, back yoke and side vents. 28" Center back length.
The unisex cargo pant sports an adjustable drawstring waist. Included are five pockets: two slash front pockets, a right side cargo pockets with extra instrument/cell phone pocket, an instrument loop just above cargo pocket, and a back pocket. Also featured is a back leg seam.  Made of 55% Cotton, 42% Polyester, 3% Spandex.
Our Price:  $20.99-$27.99

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Friday, May 8, 2015

Origins Scrubs by Wonderwink Now in Stock!

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The Origins line from WonderWink are the basics of fashion, at a great value!  With 22 vibrant hues in the latest color trends, these are great for GROUPS! 
These proven best-sellers are made of a crisp, professional easy going poly-cotton blend fabric.  Styling includes bungee cords, signature pockets, accessory loops and secret hidden pockets.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015

These Are Not Your Grandma's Socks!

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Having lower limb conditions shouldn't mean you have to wear orange-toned, institution-style socks!  Our new Sockwell brand socks feature styles, colors and patterns that bring a fresh spin to your feet.  Be well, in style!

These socks feature non-binding comfort top for reduced sock lines, comfort arch support, seamless toe closure, reinforced heel, and spandex throughout the sock to ensure proper support and fit all day long. 
Sockwell socks are made with custom crafted high performance fiber blends that provide natural thermoregulation, odor control and moisture management.  All fiber blends feature merino wool, bamboo, stretch nylon and spandex throughout.   
Compression socks feature 3 zones of 15-20mmHG compression levels for increased circulation.  Great for travel, those on their feet all day and more!
Diabetic socks feature relaxed fit leg, protective pressure dispersing cushion and extra softness for sensitive feet. 
Plantar Ease Quarter socks are for plantar fasciitis and firmly support the plantar fascia and the achilles tendon by applying pressure that encourages blood flow upward.  


Saturday, May 2, 2015

Better Living Corner: Bath Seat Cushion

"Bathing takes time and I would like my bath seat to be more comfortable"

Try our new Bath Seat Cushion!  It helps to make life better, especially in the bath – with a little cushion on the tush. It adds comfort while bathing and fits all standard size bath benches.

 NO9601B-R - $12.00