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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Or, be Mary, maybe in a play.

Or, be married. Many people get engaged over the holidays.

No matter your choice, the "Holiday's" inevitably makes most of the US and many other Christian countries slow down to a crawl. This is a good thing.

Take a moment to enjoy life, to smell the roses, or the pine, rather.

Happy slow-time-of-the-year from all of us at Mountain View Medical Supply and Laurel Uniforms & Apparel!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Announcing our new customer survey!

Here is the dealio: Come into Laurel Uniforms & Apparel, (located at 5376 N. Sheridan Blvd., Arvada, CO), buy something (preferably lots and lots of scrubs), and our Laurel staff will provide you with a Customer Survey to complete.

What do you get for completing this survey, you ask?

THIS, handy-dandy Cherokee totebag:

We are NOT kidding - a FREE Tote! Great for groceries, lugging around books, or even coming back for more scrubs!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oximeter & Elevated Toilet Seat Price Reductions!

I am always happy to report price reductions! Here are two new ones:

Oxi-Go Elite Pulse Oximeter
- Dual color high resolution, easy to read OLED display
- Displays SpO2, Pulse Rate and Pulse Bar
- 4 Display modes for easy reading from all sides
- Low power consumption, automatic power off and approx. 30 hours of normal operation
- Battery low indicator
- Requires 2ea AAA alkaline or rechargeable batteries (included)
- 10 setting adjustable brightness
- Fits finger sizes from pediatric to adult
- Small and lightweight design
- 2 Year limited warranty
- SpO2: measurement range 70-100%; resolution 1%; accuracy - 80%-100% - ±2%; 70%-79% ±3%; 0%-69% unspecified.
- Pulse Rate: measurement range 30-235 bpm; resolution 1%; accuracy - 30-100 ±2 bpm; 101-235 ±2%.
- Measures 2.3" w x 1.3" h x 1.3" d
- Weighs .06 lbs without batteries

ITEM# OPE1, Was $86.67, NOW $67.98! SAVE $18.69!

5" Elevated Toilet Seat

5" Locking Raised Toilet Seat with or without arms - This seat has a easy to use with locking mechanism that adjusts to fit most standard & elongated toilets.
A rear anchoring system provides maximum stability. 300lb Weight Capacity.

ITEM# NOO8352, Was $42.31, NOW $38.46! SAVE $3.85!

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Colorado Sunrises and Sunsets

One of the great things I love about living in the foothills of the Denver Metro area is that we have spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The sunrises have the benefit of the ozone on the horizon and that adds color from orange to red to yellow and then you get the beautiful blue of the sky.

This morning, we had clouds at several elevations, and with various shapes. At one point (and I wish I had taken a picture, but alas, I was driving), the high thin clouds were all yellow, and the next layer were circular and orangish-red, but cast a dark shadow on the high clouds. All of this was topped off by a few low level and puffy clouds that were PINK! It was amazing and quite entertaining because they traded off colors and contrasts in the span of about 20 minutes.

If you are not familiar with Colorado, our capital of Denver is 5,280 feet, or one mile, above sea level. With the thin air and lack of humidity, we have bluer skies than most of the country as well. We also have the Rocky Mountains. As you approach the mountains, we call those "foothills" because they are smaller than the mountains. (In my experience, our foothills are what the rest of the country, especially in the east, call "mountains"). These foothills start smaller and then get higher and higher until they peak at the Continental Divide where some mountain peaks are 14,000 feet or higher.

Anyway, this mountain range, coupled with high clouds (because the mountains push them higher - I always feel like Chicken Little in lower climates because the cloud ceiling is so low), creates some incredible sunsets. The sun is still strong, but the clouds block it in various ways as the sun ducks behind the mountains, always creating rays of sun and silver linings. Couple that with shadowing on the mountains and we literally end up with "Purple Mountain Majesty".

Starting around September, the higher mountain peaks in the distance sport a layer of white snow. This snow stays until about early July. That is when we know its not too cold to go tent camping in the mountains! But, that has nothing to do with sunrises and sunsets. I digress.

If you ever travel to Colorado, be sure to get up early enough to see the sunrises and make yourself available to see the sunsets, and have your camera ready while parked on a high point. You wont regret it!

Oh, spend a night way up in the mountains and do some stargazing too!*

* I was not compensated in any way, shape or form for this endorsement for the beautiful state of Colorado.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Price Drop on Blood Pressure Monitors!

What a great way to start a Monday!

We have two price decreases:

First, our Manual Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor, UA-705. This Innovative manual inflate monitor provides advanced features at an affordable price. One button operation with 30 reading memory, Pressure Rating Indicator provides a snapshot of your classification, irregular heartbeat feature, average reading display, large digital display and fast measurement.
Unit is latex free and requires only one AA battery (included). Also includes cuff, large print instruction guide and four week blood pressure logbook. Lifetime Warranty.

Was $38.93, NOW $35.94!

Second, our Automatic Inflation Blood Pressure Monitor, UA-787EJ. Features simple functionality with advanced features including 60 reading memory, Easy-Fit cuff that fits most arms, date/time stamp, three programmable alarms to remind you to take a reading, Pressure Reading Indicator to provide a snapshot of your classification, irregular heartbeat feature, displays average readings, large digital display and fast measurement. In addition, this monitor provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even when an Irregular Heartbeat occurs. Cuff fits 9-17" arms. Includes carrying pouch, AC adapter, large print instruction guide and four week blood pressure logbook.
Lifetime Warranty.

Item #: AKUA-787EJ
Was $93.98, NOW $86.75

To shop our entire line of blood pressure monitors online, click HERE

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How to Overcome Winter Depression

In North America, it is estimated that 50-60 percent of the population is affected by winter depression. This means about half of the people you know are depressed in the wintertime! Winter depression is also called Seasonal Affective Disorder and symptoms include mild depression, lack of motivation and low energy.

Seasonal depression is most common north and south of the equator. Since people living nearest the equator have enough daylight hours to avoid the triggering hormone imbalance that causes depression. If you don't get enough daylight, you produce quite a bit of melatonin, and melatonin is manufactured by the pineal gland which is very light-sensitive. The build up of melatonin makes you sleepy and in large doses, contributes to depression and saps your energy.

Light therapy is a great way to extend the “daylight hours” in your day. There are several devices on the market specifically for winter depression, or you can simply buy “grow” lights that are used for plants. Do not use standard fluorescent bulbs as they can have the opposite affect. Research shows that the best time for light therapy treatment is early in the morning. If you prefer natural light, open all shades in your home or office and make sure to get exposure from safer morning and late afternoon light. The trick is to expose your eyes to as much daylight as possible.

Other ways to aid in seasonal depression are:
* Stick to a daily routine. Go to bed and rise in the morning at the same time each day, if possible.
* Simply decide to not let weather affect your mood. You cannot change the weather, so simply accept it, and try to embrace the season.
* Improve your health by eating healthier foods and exercising regularly. Be sure to have home exercise routines in the event bad weather prevents a trip to the gym.
* Drink plenty of water. Dehydration occurs easily during winter too.
* Plan your day, make a list of what you want to accomplish and check things off as you complete them. This provides a sense of accomplishment.
* Avoid dark or depressing material. Read a lighter book, or avoid the news on days where you feel more depressed.
* Avoid alcohol because it is actually a depressant and can make symptoms worse.
* Treat yourself! Having something to look forward to creates anticipation and excitement. Plan a day trip, a day at the spa, a party, or the ever popular winter vacation.
* Get social. Reach out to friends and family on a regular basis. Simply chatting to someone daily and having a lunch or dinner date once a week can help you feel supported. Isolating yourself can only make things worse.

Of course if none of these suggestions work, and you feel overwhelmed, talk to a professional.