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Monday, October 25, 2010

New Additions to the Laurel Website!

I'm going cross-eyed just for YOU!

Since the new and improved Laurel Uniform and Apparel website went Live, I have been diligently adding more and MORE products. Specifically, I have been adding more and MORE scrubs!

You will now find several Solid Scrub Pants, Solid Scrub Tops, Print Scrub Tops, Economy Scrub Pants, and more!

Check it out and let me know what you think! Keep in mind, its a work in progress with many more new additions to come!

Happy Monday, by the way!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pulse Oximeters - Know for Less!

What exactly is a Pulse Oximeter, you ask?

Pulse Oximeters measure the oxygen level in your blood. They are a fairly simple device that you just clip on the end of your finger. Most people have seen these used in hospitals, but they are also available for home use as well.

I looked up why we need adequate oxygen levels in our blood and found this on Health.Harvard.Edu, and figure they must know what they are talking about:

"Your red blood cells must carry sufficient oxygen through your arteries to all of your internal organs to keep you alive. Normally, when red blood cells pass through the lungs, 95%-100% of them are loaded, or "saturated," with oxygen to carry. If you have lung disease or other types of medical conditions, fewer of your red blood cells may be carrying their usual load of oxygen, and your oxygen saturation might be lower than 95%."

So its kind of important.

Here is the GOOD NEWS: We just LOWERED OUR PRICES on Pulse Oximeters!!

Our Oxi-Go Premier Finger Pulse Oximeter was $79.93, NOW $59.90!
Our Oxi-Go Elite Finger Pulse Oximeter was $94.55, NOW $86.67!

Click HERE for more details and to begin shopping.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Angelic Pets

We have the sweetest new thing EVER. And I mean EVER!

Angelic Pet Pins are now available! The idea is that you or your veterinarian wear this pin when your beloved pet passes on and then you, as the owner, wear the pin in rememberance of your special companion.

These are super special items and are available in a dog with angel wings and halo, or a cat with angel wings and halo. Actual size is 3/4" x 7/8".

These make special sympathy gifts, especially for veterinarian offices.

Call 800-458-4683 to order yours today!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New Laurel Uniforms & Apparel Website is LIVE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, Kids of all ages! Come one, come all and see the latest and greatest uniform, scrubs and apparel website to hit the internet!

Thats, right! Our Laurel website went LIVE today!

And here is proof:

To visit our site, click Our New Laurel Website to start shopping for chef apparel and scrubs right now!

We would love any feedback, suggestions, comments: Email

Check back daily as we are always adding more and more products!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

One Month of Laurel Uniforms: How are We Doing?

We are officially one month into operating BOTH Mountain View Medical Supply and Laurel Uniforms & Apparel.

So, how are we doing?

All signs point to GOOD! But here is a snapshot of each week from the past month:

Week #1: Fear the phone! Which catalog has THOSE?! HOW do I process this order?? Bedtime 2am.

Week #2: I hope this call is an EASY call! I THINK this is the right catalog! What was the second step of processing orders? Bedtime 1am.

Week #3: I'm getting better at MOST calls coming in! Its between these two catalogs. What are the shipping options on this order? Bedtime 12am.

Week #4: Bring it on!! Bedtime still midnight.

We would love to hear from YOU: How ARE we doing?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Price Reductions!

We have not one, but TWO price reductions this week!

#1: Nova 3-in-1 Commode was $156.14, NOW $138.00

#2: 1/4" Latex tubing, was $.85/ft., NOW $.79/ft.

Take advantage of these savings HERE
and HERE

Friday, October 1, 2010

Dropping Medicare & Medicaid - One Year Later

September 30th marks the one year anniversary of our official exit from the Medicare / Medicaid provider system. It was an incredibly hard decision to make, not to mention the stress of wondering “did we make the right decision?”

Well, the answer is yes. While our revenue went down by the percentage of customers we could no longer service, our overall profit margin (and health of our company) increased. Don’t get us wrong. By no means are we rolling in the dough! We have always kept our margins much lower than other providers in our area, and of course we pass that savings on to our customers.

In the spring of this year, another opportunity presented itself, and had we still been Medicare / Medicaid providers, we may not have been able to take advantage. We were able to expand our business by purchasing Laurel Uniforms & Apparel. This opportunity allowed us to diversify and expand our product offering. It also added a convenience to our customers who purchase both medical supplies AND medical scrubs. We are a one stop shop!

While the face of our customer demographic may be changing, we still hold true to our company principals. Offer the best products at the lowest possible prices with outstanding customer service.

We still get phone calls from customers needing Medicare / Medicaid covered products, and we happily refer them to other companies in the area. And once in a while, a customer still stops in to say hello, even though they can no longer get their products from us.

In this economy we consider ourselves one of the lucky few that can actually say that we are growing. We are very proud of this, especially since we took a huge leap of faith.

We would like to thank all of our customers for sticking with us through our transitions during the past year. Like any rollercoaster ride, now that its over we can say “wow, what a ride”!