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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nurses Reveal Their Favorite Patient Lines!

I like when patients ask for their nausea medicine while eating a cheeseburger and fries and requesting a second tray from food service.  —Heather Burton

“I’m allergic to 25 mg Demerol, but I can take 50.”  —Rebekah Hudgins

When patients with severe acid reflux ask, “What do you mean I can’t have pizza? What else am I supposed to eat?”  —Liz Johnston

On their 100th visit for treatment: “How long is this going to take?”  —Leslie S. Peguero

“I’m not obese—my clothes are shrinking!” —Ginny Riddle

I love when the elderly patients use their call bell for something and say, “I’m sorry if I woke you up….” —Keri Greenier George

“Can I borrow $300? I promise to pay you back. You’re a nurse, you look like you make good money.” (Awkward!) —Victoria Quinn

“I have end-stage fibromyalgia and need refills on my two narcotics.” —Kimra M Griffith

“I get redneck syndrome from that antibiotic.”  —Heather Mercier

What are some of your favorite “lines” from patients?

Friday, September 21, 2012

Are You a Football Widow, too?

I know, Eli. I know. 

Definition:  Football Widow (foot-bawl wid-oh);  noun

1. For at least 26 weeks, starting in August, and ending in February, a person is completely occupied with the game of football, on TV, thus causing their significant others to become temporarily a person without a significant other. 

First there was Fantasy Football which takes time to set players, check injured reserve lists, and all that garbage.

Then, there was the expansion of games on TV going from Sunday plus a Monday night game to some games on Thursday, college football all day Saturday, professional games allllll day Sunday and then a Monday night game, I swear, we get maybe two or three days a week that are football free. 

I mean, the kids dont raise themselves and the house doesnt magically get clean. 

Somebody is going to snap one of these days. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Uni-Solve Wipe Price Reductions!

We have not one, but two price reductions on the UniSolve Wipes:

Skin Prep Wipes
Were $11.04, NOW $8.71 per box!

Adhesive Remover Wipes
Were $12.16, NOW $10.11 per box!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Prepare to SCARE! Or, just really look fabulous

Holy cow its already the second week of September!  WHERE did the summer go? 

We are excited, though, because we are getting new HOLIDAY and fall-type scrubs in! 

Check these out:

A Scary BETTY BOOP! Have fun and show some sass with Tooniforms Did I Scare You? print.
LUCH6767C-BEDI - $27.49-$29.49

Snoopy makes this mock wrap FUN!  Count Beagle is a fun print on a classic style.
LUCH6627C-PNBG - $27.49-$29.49
This Kathryn top in Snow Sparkle has great colors for fall, yet a pattern you can wear all winter!
LUKO115PR-SNS - $24.99
A sweet Bella top in Cappuccino has great versatility!
LUKO149PR-CAP - $30.99

Click HERE to shop all of our Holiday Scrubs today!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Beautiful Fall Drives!

In your quest to find the most beautiful fall drive, don't forget to get out of the car too! Look for “scenic viewpoints” and trailheads so you can smell the pines, listen to the wind and water, and hear the crackling of leaves beneath your feet!

Try Oak Creek Canyon and Red Rock Crossing near Sedona.

Try Highway 41 from Menominee on Lake Michigan to the Keweenaw Peninsula on Lake Superior.

Try State Hwy 7 from Lead Hill to Hot Springs through Ozark National Forest and secluded Ouachita Range.

Just about any highway through the Rockies will put on a show. Try West Elk Loop, a 6-8 hour, 205 mile drive through historic wild west towns.

Try either the 68-mile Peter Norbeck (Custer, SD) or the 20-mile Spearfish Canyon (Deadwood, SD) that trek you on either side of Mt. Rushmore.

Try Route 100 which runs north-south along the spine of the Green Mountains. Or try Highway 89 that cuts through the Green Mountains.