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Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Scrub Arrivals! Happy Shopping!

We love, love, love it when new scrub styles arrive! We are all like kids in a candy store, calling dibs on certain styles or prints.

Click to view all of our New Arrivals!

LUCH6713C Tinker Bell Dream
FUN! V-Neck with adjustable back, front slant pockets and side vents. Pair with black, dark grey, red, pink or white pants.

LUCH82755 Indigo Girl
Junior fit, mocke wrap with horizontal pleated patch pockets, side vents, princess seam and back darts. Pair with navy, ciel or white pants.

LUCH6707C Eeyore says "Blue is the new black"
Scoop neck, elastic smocking at shoulder, angled pockets, back darts. Pair with black, ceil, bright pink or white pants.

LUCH6252C Bristol
Cute V-neck, grosgrain ribbon trim with zigzag stitch, bust darts, 3/4 elastic smock waist and sleeve. Pair with black, tan, olive green, white, wine or gray pants.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What to do with used medical supplies

Approximately 2.4 million people die in the U.S. each year. Natural causes is not in the top 10 causes of death, so we can assume that most people needed medical care which probably includes medical supplies in some form or fashion.

So what do you do with left over medical supplies?

If you have unused medications, you cant return them, even if they are in their unopened, original packaging. Ask your local hospice if they can help you to destroy them, or provide you with instructions on how to destroy medications safely.

To donate supplies such as unused incontinence supplies and used equipment such as walkers or commodes, start asking around and making phone calls.

Hospitals, especially ones that specialize in certain care, or take patients with lower income, typically have a donation coordinator.

Asky anyone in the healthcare industry such as your doctor's office if they know where to donate, or if they know of a need. Most will jump at the opportunity to help you find a place to donate.

Talk to your church, local senior center or volunteer group such as Meals-On-Wheels to find a local citizen in need.

There are also national groups such as Assistance League, Project Cure and Friends of Ostomates Worldwide (FOW) that have "How to Donate" on their websites.

When we lost my mother in law a few years ago, it was important for us to make sure the donations went to someone cost free. This meant finding non-profits or places that specifically have cost free donation programs. Knowing we helped someone in their time of need was comforting.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What do you do for good health?

You cant escape the staggering statistics in America about how unhealthy we are. This diagram gives it to us in plain color and its pretty alarming. People here in Colorado are able to run, walk and bike most places.

Admitting you should be more healthy can be the first step to breaking that twinkie and soda pop habit.

But where to begin?

First, make a list of healthy foods that you actually like. Try to list at least 20 items from fruits and veggies to dairy, nuts and proteins. Next to each of these foods, list how you like them prepared - raw, cooked, with sauce, etc. Make sure these are healthy foods. For example, fried chicken is not healthy, but rotisserie chicken is.

Next, make a list of the top 3 foods that you cannot live without. This can be soda, chocolate or butter. Now, list how much of each you have per day, and be honest! Cut that quantity in half and cross out your original amount and write the new quantity next to it. This is the amount you CAN have.

Make a sample menu for yourself. Allow yourself three meals, two snacks and an optional dessert. It could look something like this:
Breakfast: Instant oatmeal and a banana. Cannot live without coffee (2 cups instead of 4)
Snack: Apple
Lunch: Turkey sandwich w/baked potato chips. Cannot live without soda (1 can instead of 2)
Snack: Yogurt
Dinner: Rotisserie chicken, salad & cottage cheese.
Optional Dessert: One wrapped chocolate piece. Cannot live without chocolate (1 piece per day instead of 3 or 4)

Eat what you like to eat - why eat things that dont taste good to you? If you like a 3 egg omelette, put in two egg whites and one whole egg.

Eat in moderation - take your time and allow 30 minutes to pass before eating a bit more if you just cant shake the hunger.

Dont let yourself get too hungry - true hunger is the body telling you it needs nourishment. Nourish it with good foods, not junk food.

Learn your trigger points for eating unhealthy - for women, maybe "that time of the month" makes you eat more. Or, maybe eating out causes you to throw in the towel. Plan a little by giving yourself a few extra healthy items, or eating a piece of fruit and a glass full of water before going out to eat.

If you cant resist cheese puffs, dont buy them. Or, if you must, just buy a few of the single serving bags. That one small bag is always better than eating half or all of the big bag in one sitting.

Always keep a list of healthy foods you like and take it with you to the grocery store.

Look up nutrition information online for your favorite restaurants. Find two or three healthy options at each restaurant. You might be surprised at what you find out! For example, the new oatmeal at MickyD's has about as much sugar as a cinnamon roll.

As far as nutrition goes, you want to keep your fat and sugar grams low. If you can cut these, you are ahead of the game!

Small, yet consistent changes are the path to being healthier overall.

Next....add some exercise!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

You Know Its a Super-Windy Day When...

For the past few days here in the Denver Metro area in Colorado, we have had blustery days. Gusts of up to 70mph in the foothills. WHEW!

So I asked my friends this question: You know its a super windy day when...

- The pizza delivery car sign is sitting on the side of the road.

- Your neighbor is out at 10pm stapling the fence back together that has already blown down twice.

- The new piece of plastic tangled an the top of your front yard tree, out of reach, makes your husband mumble something about being "trashy" people.

- Glad that your spring break is windy and not full of a snowy blizzard.

We hope your spring break is a good one!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We do this for YOU!

It is our company policy to always, always, ALWAYS shop, find and bring our customers the highest quality products at the best prices.

As most of you have probably noticed, retail prices across the board are going up. This year we have seen some serious price hikes from some of our manufacturers. While we know this is inevitable, we do question the increases, and go on the hunt for better pricing and possibly new, comparible products to keep our customers happy, and quite frankly, to keep us as competitive as possible.

We are usually successful in our hunt! For example, we recently made the change to the Dynarex brand for our stockinette, shoe covers, tongue depressors and cotton tipped applicators. While the price still went up slightly, it was nowhere near what the increase would have been had we not made the change.

If you are waiting to buy that scooter, or that lift chair, do it now. At this rate, it could save you quite a bit of money!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

New Men's Scrub Tops Have Arrived!

We are very excited about the new Men's scrub top that we got in today!

Ecko Unltd. Mercer Men's top is reversible to deliver two great looks in one awesome top!

The WORKSTYLE side offers a clean, contemporary and professional look with chest and hip pockets.
Flip the top for the FREESTYLE look with a rhino logo screen print at the shoulder, contrast stitching, two pockets and amazing detailing.

Made of 60/40 cotton poly poplin. Available in Black, Navy and Grey.

To shop our entire line of Men's scrubs, click HERE

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Price Reductions, just two, but its something!

In all of the price increases lately, I need to have a few price decreases announced! (Thank goodness!)

First, is our Fiberglass Tape Measure (in white, not blue) 60"/150cm length x 1/4" wide. Features linen-like durable fiberglass tape that is graduated with inches on one side and centimeters on the other side.
Push button to retract. Great for work or home.

Item PS45-WHT
Was $3.50
NOW $2.67

Next is our Clinical Lite Stethoscope, weighing in at only 4 oz., this scope is made of anodized aluminum, giving it both strength and durability along with the comfort of its ultra light weight.
All parts are latex free and it comes with the Prestige Medical Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Item PSS121-BLK
Was $24.90
NOW $19.90

Monday, March 14, 2011

A Look At The Recession

For some reason, when I think of the word “recession”, the image of the tide going out pops into my head. This is strange because I have lived land-locked my entire life. I have always had a fascination with the ocean, followed quickly by fear because of the vast unknown. I do know from a few beach visits, that when the tide goes out little mysteries reveal themselves on the beach. Sometimes they are tragic, and other times they can be entertaining and make you feel as if you have witnessed something special.

We have all heard the experts talk about the recession (are we still in it, or out of it?) and most viewpoints, for me, invoke fascination and usually fear. What would really happen to America if we sank into another Great Depression? How would my kids function without a cell phone, internet or fast food? I'm fascinated by that very thought since my childhood was filled with day-long bike riding with other kids and packed lunches. My grandmother spoke often of the Great Depression and having to choose butter or jam for her homemade biscuit, but not both. Milk, eggs and butter were traded for flour, feed and shoes, and if you didn’t have a farm or garden, fresh produce was a luxury. I fear having to share my house with other family members because that is the only way we might be able to afford to live. I haven't tried my hand at a garden for years, and the last time was not what I would call a success.

I do feel like I am somewhat prepared for the worst and can “buckle down” because in my lifetime, I have lived somewhat without. I have been given the gift of first hand accounts shared with me on how to literally live without. However, the generation that grew up during the Great Depression is shrinking, leaving us with fewer experienced resources to rely on. We in America have endured 13 recessions since the crash of 1929, not including the one we are in.

With the earthquake and tsunami events unfolding in Japan, we can only assume our world economy will have its own aftershocks. Just when things started to show a bit of recovery, mother nature reminds us how small humans are on her planet.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Diagnostic Instrument Price Reductions!

Adscope 641 Sprague Rappaport Stethoscope

Was $16.65
NOW $15.44!

Professional Blood Pressure & Stethoscope Combo Kit

Was $45.25
NOW $41.67

Prosphyg 775 Economy Blood Pressure

Was $24.71
NOW $21.82

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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Boomers and Our Health System

Medicare has just boosted its online enrollment system to accommodate 10,000 enrolling baby boomers per day. Yes, that is per day. It has been said that our current economic situation could bust Medicare by the year 2013 if things don't turn around.

Employers are being told they need to carry more of the load for health benefits. Yet, ask around and you will easily find people recently laid off because their employer had to make budget cuts.

To fix this problem, maybe we need to heed the words of John F. Kennedy. “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. And lest we forget Obama’s “Change” pledge. Maybe it is time for change and maybe we need to look to ourselves to help fix our country’s crisis, instead of relying on the government.

If we all took one positive step to living a healthier life, we can help turn the tide of the healthcare crisis. Safeway food stores found that 70% of health care costs were linked to unhealthy habits. Look at the movement to reduce water bottles going into landfills. If everyone in New York City gave up bottled water for a week, that would save 24 million bottles from being landfilled. Or how switching one light bulb in each American home to an Energy Star bulb would save enough energy to light more than 3 million homes for a year. Earth Hour is a global climate change group that is working to turn lights out globally for just one hour at 8:30pm on March 28th. Cheerios claims that eating their cereal for breakfast every morning as part of a low fat diet, can lower cholesterol.

We talk about Social Security failing, but what if Medicare fails? That would also be an inconvenient truth. A new movie needs to be made to raise awareness so we start making individual changes to turn the tide. The real question is who should make the movie: Al Gore, Michael Moore or Morgan Spurlock?

Why not go for a walk and think about it.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Getting The Word Out

I blog. I Twitter. I write newsletters. I do direct mailings. I email to customers who sign up for our updates. I dont, however pay for ad's on Google, Bing or Yahoo. I sign up for free listings, here, there, and everywhere. My goal: To get exposure to a wide variety of potential customers without breaking the bank.

I want to let everyone know that our company, Mountain View Medical Supply has THE BEST prices in our area, and sometimes in your area, or on the internet! Seriously, it blows my mind how much other companies charge for the exact same items we have in our store.

I blame overload. Consumers are overloaded with impertinent information. At home, I toss my blue enveloped coupons that supposidly has an "87% open rate". I toss fliers left on my door. I toss the Wednesday delivered ad's in my mailbox. I delete unsolicited email offers. Recently, we received what appeared to be a card and handwritten message from an HVAC company owner that wanted me to feel special. Upon further inspection, it was just a new fandangled way of printing so that it looked handwritten, when, in fact, it was not.

So, like most people, I become skeptical and hardened to marketing. I unsubscribe, I sign up for "do not mail" lists, "do not deliver" lists and "unsubscribe" lists. I dont want your stuff! If I want it, I'll come find YOU!

But then I surf and search for you, and because you dont pay for ad's on Google, Bing or Yahoo, I cant easily find you. I can't find you in the phone book because you dont pay for ad's or listings anymore because the internet is making phone books obsolete.

And so we talk. One of the owners of our company met the head of a wound department at a major hospital, randomly over the weekend. He had never heard of our company, even though I have sent our information to his hospital, several times. I now have his card and an open invitation to provide him brochures on our wound care supplies, so he can help his patients.

How do we find each other so we can work with each other without middle men such as search engines or yellow pages?

I try to be more aware of the businesses in my community, and spend my dollars with my neighbors. I also ignore "paid" advertisements on the internet. I try to find local companies, even if they are 4 or 5 pages into my search results. If I need to buy a specialty item online, I try to find a mom-and-pop shop with great customer reviews that will likely provide me great customer service, should I need help.

If you look hard enough, you will find us. And hopefully in the process we can help each other out while cutting out the middle man that invariable raises everyone's costs.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Why Older Adults Should Use Computers

In a study that included about 200 adults over the age of 65, it appears that “older adults that use computers seem to report fewer depressive symptoms, regardless of how many hours they use the computer,” write the researchers. These adults were randomly drawn from three different zip codes in lower Manhattan and filled questionnaires about computer use, mental health, and tasks of daily living.

Take a pole of your family and friends and you will find that computer use varies from no use, to just emailing, to managing finances and shopping/blogging daily. You might also find that those who have limited or no computer use, typically have safety concerns.

While computers, specifically the internet, do pose concerns, there are many ways to protect yourself. Here are some guidelines to keep yourself safe and avoid crashing your computer.

First, invest in a good antivirus program even if you only use email. Top antivirus programs can be found for around $30. Set your antivirus program to upload updates each time you use your computer so they can keep up with all the new viruses being launched. Most programs also include a scanning program to find viruses or Trojans hiding within your computer.

Second, turn off “pop up’s”. If one gets through, always “X” out. Guaranteed, you haven't won anything. As for “warning’s” that pop up, simply run your antivirus program.

Third, turn on your email spam filter and always report spam.

Fourth, if you blog or belong to a social network such as Facebook, don't make it public, allowing only those you know to view your pages.

Lastly, if you shop online, make sure when you get to the order page that the site address shows “httpS:” - This means it’s a secure connection. Also, companies listing full contact information and ship policies usually have nothing to hide.

For fun, research forwarded email stories, warnings or claims at to check their validity.

Study Source:, Aug 22, 2005

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Read This Before Drinking Your Next Soda Pop

“I’ll have a cola”. The most popular dark soda in my house has 23 flavors and is a Doctor. I even like the diet version, especially served cold in a full glass of ice!

Most dark soda’s have “caramel coloring” added to them to make them a pleasing, dark color that we are all used to seeing. Caramel is traditionally just sugar and cream or condensed milk, slow cooked until it turns into a syrup with a thicker and darker look. And it is quite delicious!
However the caramel coloring put in dark soda’s are made by reacting sugars with ammonia and sulfites under high pressure and temperatures. This results in the formation of 2-methylimidazole and 4 methylimidazole, which in government-conducted studies have caused lung, liver, or thyroid cancer or leukemia in laboratory mice or rats.

Apparently levels above 16 micrograms per day pose a significant risk. A can of cola contains 130 micrograms.

All of this so that your soda can be a pleasing dark color. It’s a cosmetic additive. And it’s a carcinogen.

California has added caramel coloring to its list of “chemicals known to the state to cause cancer”. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a consumer watchdog group has filed a regulatory petition asking the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to give caramel colorings made with ammonia the boot.

If that isn't enough to deter you from that soda, consider this: Most soda’s average 35-40 grams of sugar per 12 oz can. New studies again point to sugar as a major culprit for health problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart problems and even gout. Sugar is the Trojan Horse of weight gain and other health problems.

Most American’s consume between 88 and 120 grams of added sugar per day. That’s 22-30 teaspoons of sugar, which equals 350-475 empty calories per day. If a pound equals 3500 calories, just think how much weight its tied to soda pop alone!

The recommended added sugar intake per day is 25-38 grams.

I would imagine the recommended carcinogen intake is close to zero. Or at least it should be.

Source: Nutrition Action HealthLetter Jan/Feb 2010, Sugar Overload;