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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Registery For Stoma Names

I am not an ostomate personally, but being in this business has certainly made me aware of how overwhelming having one could be. I can only imagine and I give huge kudos to those living with an ostomy - you are my heros!

For those of you not aware, an ostomy is an operation to create an opening (a stoma) from an area inside of the body to the outside. Colostomy, ileostomy and urostomy are types of ostomies to eliminate bodily waste. Ostomates then use ostomy systems, barriers, pouches and various collection devices, to collect the bodily waste.

A stoma can look like this:

To help ostomates come to terms with their ostomy, it has been suggested that an ostomate name their stoma. I came across a site today that you can actually register the name of our stoma!

A few of my personal favorites are:
"Lavagirl" - cause stuff would all the sudden just come out like a volcano.
"Poopy Pete"
"Chatty Kathy" - Remember those irritating dolls call Chatty Kathy? My daughter had one. Since I seem to have a very noisy stoma that has absolutely no social manners this is an appropiate name in my opinion.
"Hamilton" - I named him Hamilton after my surgeon. He made it.

I think the above stoma could be "Rosebud". Remember the Cosby Show where his daughter sassily pronounced it like "Rosebuuuuud"?

Click HERE to register your stoma's name!

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