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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Attention Nurses: 6 Ways to Ask for a Vacation

Nurses are notoriously overworked. Scrubs Magazine will help you get around an overbearing manager, angry coworkers, and problematic patients so you can get the rest and relaxation you deserve. If you follow these practical dos and don’ts, you’ll find yourself out the door before you know it!

1. Do Ask in Advance
The fastest way to get shot down when asking for time off is asking at the last minute. Your boss is a busy person, with a lot on her plate. Why not make her job easier, (and show how considerate and responsible you are) by asking weeks — or months — in advance? Not only are you doing yourself a favor, but your manager will appreciate the heads up and can plan the shift schedule accordingly. She’ll have the time to consider the request fairly … and you’ll have the added bonus of having plenty of time to try again if you’re denied.

2. Dont Mention the Fun Factor
Just because you’re planning a vacation doesn’t mean you have to advertise it. Making a big deal of your upcoming trip might not just distract you from doing your work — it might even irritate other nurses as well. Don’t act like you’ve started your vacation early! Nobody wants to hear you go on and on about your impending trip to the Bahamas when they’re going to be stuck with the late shift.

3. Do Emphasize How Much You Deserve this Break
Vacations are statistically proven to boost productivity. For once, the math is on your side! When asking your manager for time off, point out how hard you’ve worked this year and be prepared to talk in detail about particular cases you’ve handled, if necessary. If this is the first major vacation you’ve taken in a long time, don’t hesitate to mention it. By emphasizing your hard work thus far, your boss will realize the benefit of having you come back refreshed and recharged to be an even better nurse!

4. Dont Leave Loose Ends
Got someone to cover your daily tasks? Updated fellow nurses on the details of your patients’ cases? Leaving work left undone and coworkers hanging is a big mistake — one that will annoy fellow nurses and make your manager think twice the next time someone wants to go on vacation. Manage your responsibilities yourself and make sure you’re covered. There’s nothing more inconsiderate than a someone who leaves work for colleagues to finish.

5. Do Get it in Writing
You politely asked your manager two months ago if you can take a vacation. You did everything right and got approval to go. But now your trip is a week away and your boss has no recollection of the conversation. Should’ve gotten it in writing! When you go in to ask for time off for a few months down the road, get your boss to put it in writing — either on paper or in an email. That way if they back out at the last minute — or simply forget the conversation — you have tangible proof that you weren’t making it up!

6. Don't Feel Guilty
It’s easy to feel like you’re being a lazy nurse if you want to skip town for some fun. But you shouldn’t. Don’t feel bad for taking time off! After all, your vacation days are yours to do with as you please, and what’s the point in wasting them by feeling bad about it? Instead, channel the focus you have at the hospital into having some serious fun! Work hard, play hard.

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun Facts!

Did you know...
We received our very FIRST SHIPMENT of Koi* scrubs today! And on Monday we will be doing a "soft opening" of Laurel Uniform & Apparel! We are SO darned excited!!
*For those of you new to scrubs, Koi is the fashion trendsetter for scrub wearers - they have very fun and cute scrubs. visit

Did you know...
There are coffee flavored PEZ?

Did you know...
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

Did you know...
More than 50% of the people in the world have never made or received a telephone call.

Did you know...
A fly sees 200 images per second. A TV shows 24 pictures per second. If a fly watched TV it would see a TV as still pictures with darkness in between.

Did you know...
Engineers at NASA claim to have made the loudest noise ever: of 210 decibels. This is so loud that it can make holes in solid material.

Did you know...
President Clinton only sent two emails during his presidency. One was to see if he was capable of pushing the "send" button. (I like to think that was good practice for other, more important "buttons" that he may have had to push). The other email was to John Glenn when he returned to space after 36 years.

Did you know...
Middle school and high school students who participate in instrumental music score significantly higher on standardized tests. At a 66% admission rate, they are the highest percentage of any group accepted to medical schools.

Did you know...
Nevada law requires Las Vegas taxicabs to have air conditioning. And heat.

Did you know...
All city, county, state or public district employees in California must take an oath to be a disaster service worker.

Did you know...
Usually, in the Northern Hemisphere, tornadoes turn counter clockwise. In the Southern Hemisphere, they turn clockwise.

Have a wonderful weekend, ya'll!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Keep Your Butt in the Car! And Other Tobacco Stories...

Everyone has the right to a habit. Good, bad, silly or debilitating, we all have habits. One of my pet peeves is smokers who toss their butts out the window of their car.

I cannot think of another habit that trashes our earth more than smoking. It pollutes the air, dirties our roadways, causes unnecessary fires and gives smokers one of the most deadly forms of cancer. Oh, and lets not forget about emphysema - that lovely disease that literally takes your breath away - and not in a good way.

I have worked with several tobacco chewers over the years and have had several experiences that still make my skin crawl. One co-worker always had a "pinch between his cheek and gum", and his breath was just overwhelmingly vile. I literally did not ask him for anything unless I absolutely had to. And then I always tried to make sure a desk or something was between us to get the most possible air dilution. Another time I had a co-worker who had a "spit cup" spill in a meeting. Another co-worker didnt recognize the slower, oozing of the liquid and started to help clean up. Once they realized it was someone else's spit they were handling, they promptly exited the meeting. Im pretty sure I saw a green hue on their face as they left.

I know my impulsive hair twirling is not the most professional thing to do at work, but Im pretty sure no harm is done to myself or otherwise.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Laurel's is Coming! Laurels is Coming!

As previously announced, we are expanding our business to include Laurels Uniform & Apparel.

This has added several fun things to my job, including this signage:

Because of our expansion, the bank account is on limited funds for advertising and other fun stuff. I literally created this wall signage for under $15!

Here is how:
Purchased Wausau Astrobrights Print and Stick Adhesive Backed Heavy Duty Paper.
Created lettering and designs in MS Publisher Program.
Printed out lettering.
Cut out lettering. (plus a cut on my finger, or two...its been a long time since kindergarten!)
Apply to Wall.

Supplies needed to apply: Pencil (with non-marking eraser) to mark the spots, ruler to get correct spacing, leveler to make sure all letters are straight. Oh, and a ladder if you are applying up high.

I love my job!

Oh - Our Grand Re-Opening is September 20-25th! Be sure to join us for great sale prices on apparel and stethoscopes, along with goodie bags and prizes!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Use a 4-Wheeled Walker

Virginia brought her mother, Ida, into our store recently to find a new walker that would "fit" better. As it turns out, Ida had the correct size walker, but she was not using it correctly. Our staff gave her instructions, had her practice the instructions, and sent her happily on her way.

Here is how to use a 4-Wheeled Walker:

1) Make sure the handlebar height is at the crease of your wrist when your arms are relaxed at your sides while standing straight upwards.
2) Lean on the walker while standing mostly upright, allowing it to roll forward with control as you step forward. You should not be hunched over and your walker should not be too far in front of you. Basically, you should be walking IN the space of the walker, not behind it.
3) To slow the walker down, squeeze or pull up on the handbrake.
4) Activate the handbrake by pushing down on the handbrake. To release the brake, carefully squeeze the brake handles again, being careful not to pinch fingers.
5) Always lock the brakes prior to sitting on the walker.
6) To sit on the walker, turn around and back up until you feel the seat touch the back of your legs. Get a firm grip on the handlebars and lower yourself down to the seated position on the seat.
7) To stand up from the seat of the walker, make sure the brakes are still on and position your feet firmly and directly under the knees, about shoulder width apart. Get a firm grip on the handlebars and stand up using leg and arm strength if possible.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Folding Walking Canes

Our folding walking canes are on special this month!

These lightweight adjustable canes have ergonomic plastic handles and fold easily for travel or storage.
Adjustable height of 33" - 37", 3/4" diameter and weighs just 1 pound.
Weight capacity is 300 lbs.

Select Color:
NO3035 - Red Bliss
NO3037 - Purple Bliss
NO3023 - Blue Rain
NO3026 - Camouflage

All of this mobility bliss can be yours for only $21.05!

Buy them at our Website today!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Post Election

Our primaries have come and gone and I have a mixed bag of feelings about the results. In Colorado we have chosen several politicians with relatively little political experience. That is a sign, I believe, that the "natives are restless".

I, like many Americans these days, am not thrilled with the direction our country is going.

But I have to ask the question: Do we care more about politics as we get older?

I would love to hear thoughs and perspectives!

Monday, August 9, 2010

HUGE Announcement!

We are very pleased to announce we will now be offering Medical Scrubs, uniforms, custom embroidery and MORE!

Mountain View Medical Supply has purchased Laurel Uniform & Apparel!

We invite everyone to our Grand Re-Opening September 20th - 25th!

SAVE: 10% on Any Stethoscope!
SAVE: 10-50% on Select Apparel!
PLUS! Free Goodie Bags & Prizes

We have easy One Stop Shopping for:
Custom Embroidery
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Safety Equipment
And Much, MUCH MORE!

Come celebrate at 5370 N. Sheridan Blvd., Arvada, CO 80002, Monday - Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 9am - 1pm.

Discounts and Goodie Bags while supplies last. One discount per customer account. Cannot be combined with any other offer and applies to showroom purchases only. Discounts valid September 20-25, 2010 only.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Eyes Have It

I have worn glasses since I was about 9 years old. Well, let me clarify. I have HAD glasses since the age of 9, but I didnt really wear them. The only time I wore glasses was when I sat down in the chair to get my school picture taken. Then, I would take them off until next year. This way, my parents thought I did, in fact wear my glasses at school - it was worth the occassional comment from a classmate saying "I didnt know you wore glasses". When I was about 14 years old I was told I could get contacts. FINALLY! But then the doctor nixed that. I cried and cried all the way home because he didnt think I was "mature enough". Whatever. The following year, I went to the eye doctor prepared for ANY rebuttle - and I got my contacts!

Can I just say, had my parents known how little I could see, they would have been astounded. The day I got contacts, I literally sat looking out the window for hours marveling at how clear everything was.

I am blind as a bat at the age of 40. But I have BOTH contacts and glasses - the glasses are only so I can give my eyes a break on occassional Sunday's and for reading while in bed at night.

Appreciate your sight, my friends!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Fun with

I was recently asked “what does the new health bill mean for me as a Medicare participant?”

Anyone who deals with Medicare knows that is a loaded question!

So, I set out to better inform myself. On the website I found a message from Kathleen Sebelius who is the Secretary of Health & Human Services, the group that oversees Medicare.

What I repeatedly found was the following statement: “Your guaranteed Medicare benefits wont change - whether you get them through Original Medicare or a Medicare Advantage plan”.

My question is: What are “guaranteed Medicare benefits”?
I did a search of the term on the site and was referred to several publications that used the term, but that did not define exactly what they were. I did a general search with my internet browser - surely these guaranteed benefits are outlined and published somewhere. I was again referred to the publications that used the term, but did not define them.

Back to the drawing board. I did a search for “Original Medicare” since that plan has “guaranteed Medicare benefits”. I was given a “Your Medicare Coverage” page and discovered Original Medicare is sometimes referred to as “fee-for-service”. I also discovered this statement: “It is important for you to understand that Medicare does not cover everything, and it does not pay the total cost for most services or supplies that are covered”.

But wait! There was a “Note”: If you belong to a Medicare Advantage plan….you may have extra benefits, like coverage for prescription drugs or extra days in the hospital.”

So then I referred back to Kathleen’s message and what she said about Improvements to Medicare Advantage. “Today, Medicare pays Medicare Advantage insurance companies over $1,000 more per person ….than Original Medicare” and then the mystery statement again: “ will still receive guaranteed Medicare benefits”.

Confused? Me too. What I do know is that Medicare Part A helps cover hospital/skilled nursing expenses. Medicare Part B helps cover doctor, outpatient and some preventative services. Medicare Part D helps cover the cost of prescription drugs.

As a former Medicare provider, we know that Medicare can be fickle when issuing payment for certain items listed as covered under A, B or D. There is no guarantee they will cover anything.

I think we will all have to wait and see what this new bill means for Medicare participants.