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Friday, July 30, 2010

Radio Commentary

I was listening to the radio on the way into work this morning, my usual station which offers classic rock and a morning crew of two DJ's and their cohorts.

They had a couple of tickets to see Rush (classic rock band) so they decided to play a game called "Mothers Underwear". People can call in and guess the type of underwear they think their mothers are wearing. The DJ's then call the mother and if the caller is correct, they win the tickets. Yes, a little erie, but I decided to go with it and remind myself this was supposed to be funny.

This guy calls in and offers up his best guess on what his mother was wearing. He said "briefs, probably blue". His mother was 84 years old and lived on the west coast. It was around 6am her time. Nevertheless, they called the mother up and a sweet sounding lady answered the phone. Boy was she game! Once she figured out what they were doing, they were shying away from HER!

Come to find out, Mother was wearing only her nightgown! You go Mom!!

They ended up giving the caller tickets regardless.

Live life to the fullest and enjoy your weekend!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Blood Pressure Monitors Explained

Have you ever come across those blood pressure monitors in the store and had your arm squeezed for free? Some people need to take their blood pressure on a regular basis and need a home unit. There are many types of blood pressure monitors, so here is a guide to help you decide which one is best for you:

* Wrist Monitor - Worn on the wrist and automatically inflates, providing readings on the LED display. The size makes it great for travel.
* Manual Inflation Home Monitor - Also known as semi-automatic, these monitors require self pumping of the bulb and provide readings on an LED display. Economical and efficient.
* Automatic Inflation Home Monitor - These monitors inflate with the touch of a button and provide readings on an LED display. Available in basic models to advanced, depending on how many readings you need to take and record, along with other information such as heart rate.
* Physician Grade Manual Monitor - Inflation requires pumping of the bulb and readings are shown on a manometer. Available in basic and in a kit with a stethoscope to read heart rates.

All monitors should include an arm cuff. Larger cuffs are available for purchase seperately. Each type of monitor is available with different options.

Now that you have your readings, what do they mean? According to the Mayo Clinic, here is a general guideline. Of course always consult your doctor for accurate result interpretation and consultation.

Top Number - Bottom Number - Category
Below 120 - Below 80 - Normal Blood Pressure
120-139 - 80-89 - Prehypertension
140-159 - 90-99 - Stage 1 Hypertension
160 or more - 100 or more - Stage 2 Hypertension

To get an accurate reading, you should take your blood pressure twice while sitting down.

For more details and to shop for blood pressure monitors click here

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bathing Supplies

Clean bodies, clean hair and clean mouths can all be had with our bath products!

Whether you are going camping or are helping a loved one bathe, try our rinse free bathing cloths and rinse free shampoo caps.

For bathers with limited movement, try an
extended reach sponge or soap scrubber and a hand held shower head that allows you to move the shower around your body instead of your body around the shower.

We also have bath mats and safety treads for slip prevention.

Last but not least, dont forget your mouth! Oral swabs clean teeth, mouth and gums.

There is nothing like the feeling of being clean and refreshed!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding it Hard to Get Comfortable?

Finding it hard to sit, stand or lay down comfortably?

We have a wide variety of pressure relief products! From easing cronic pain, to easing discomfort from long periods of sitting or laying, and event post pregnancy recovery.

Check out our Pillows & Wedges to help you find a more comfortable position while sitting or lying down. Of course we have the standard "donut" pillow, but you might find the coccyx cushion is a better fit for comfort.


The Knee Ease pillow and the Face Down Pillow both provide non-traditional pillow support and can help ease hip and spine discomfort.

Check out our entire line of Pressure Relief Products and get comfy TODAY!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Are you Hot?

I am hearing through the news and also from friends disbursed throughout the country that a very hot, sticky and miserable heatwave is gripping most of the US.

Funny thing is, I have actually been CHILLY the past couple of days here in Colorado. This is why I love this state! Every season we get a nice repreve from the typical seasonal weather. It was literally in the 60's this week! Our trip to the mountains over the fourth of July weekend netted us a few mornings of 30 degree weather - I could see my breath!

Every winter, we can pretty much count on a few days of 50-60 degree weather right smack in the middle of January or February. Its as if the carefree, be-who-I-want-to-be attitude in Boulder has rubbed off on Mother Nature. (For those of you unfamiliar with Boulder, CO, it is the granola eating, Subaru driving, recycling, organic, hemp and hippie capital of our nation - there is always something that makes you cock your head to the side and go "huh")

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stethoscopes - Hear the Scoop

John is a nursing student and came to Mountain View Medical Supply needing a new stethoscope. Since this was his first purchase, he had a lot of questions!

Most stethoscopes are binaural, which means it is designed to work in both ears.
The chestpiece is typically dual headed - the diaphram captures sounds from the body and the bellshape captures lower frequency sounds. Chestpieces come in many shapes, and types to fit different needs, from cardiology to pediatrics, to basic monitoring.
Most stethoscopes now have self sealing ear tips to ensure background noise is eliminated.
The length of the tubing can vary - giving added distance from the patient, but it can also interfere with sound quality.

To chose the right stethoscope for you, determine your needs and preferences and set a reasonable budget. Different manufacturer's offer comparible products at very different price levels. Do some consumer review research to ensure you get your money's worth!

See a wide variety of stethoscopes on our WEBSITE today!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Freedom, the 4th of July and America

I am an American. I was born and raised in the great state of Colorado and I love my freedom! I love that every American citizen can vote and I love that the American Dream is mine for the taking!

If you havent seen the movie Primary Colors, starring John Travolta, you should rent it this weekend. The movie is based on an explosive book written anonymously, supposidly about Bill Clinton and his presidential campaign. Love him or hate him, you walk away knowing that deep in his heart, he has a true love for America and the American people.

Other countries call American's arrogant. I think that is a true statement. Personally, I dont think there is a better country than America, and I do feel kind of sorry for anyone that does not live here.

I have a (possibly unhealthy) fascination with King Henry VIII and that whole era. He led a little too much with his heart which created quite a mess between "church and state". He alone seemed to enjoy freedom while his people suffered at the hand of his romantic whims and somewhat undecided religious views. I can only imagine how that scenario would play out in modern America!

I also have a (possibly unhealthy) fascination with Elvis. He served in the military, enjoyed great success in the career he dreamed about having, had a mama who cooked wonderful American meals, and got married and divorced. You dont get more American than that, folks.

Enjoy your holiday weekend, spend time with those you care about and eat good food!

Happy 4th of July, everyone!