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Friday, October 31, 2014

Our Staff Having Fun on Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Nebulizer causing nosebleeds?

NEW!  In stock now:  Nose clips for use with nebulizer for nose bleed stoppage.
Nose bleed clips
MI64019 - $47.82 for a bag of 100

How Do You Give Thanks?

During November, and with Thanksgiving upon us, its time to think about all the things that make us thankful:

For family and the other special people who have joined life's journey along the way. 
For good health if you have it, one of life's greatest pleasures. 
For a brain that allows you to think and function. 
For the seasons that remind us that life is full of change (whether we like it or not). 
For a warm bed at night. 
For a phone that allows us to communicate with loved ones that are far away. 
For food, whether you are making it or eating it. 
For access to water, one of life's most important necessities.
For music, which feeds the soul. 
For little pleasures that remind us that we are human. 
For the ability to help others in need. 

During the holidays, not everyone has the ability to visit family, or have a family to visit.  Poor health and distance prevent many folks from gathering during the holidays as they once did.  Volunteering during the holidays doesn't have to be an ongoing commitment, or even an all-day affair.  Volunteering during the holidays will, however, make the difference in the life of someone else who needs a simple pleasure to boost their spirits.

Serve Dinner at a Homeless Shelter:  Homeless shelters need volunteers to prepare and serve meals for those without a home.  Whether or not you're handy with a frying pan, homeless shelters appreciate the extra help.  Check out The National Coalition for the Homeless, or The Salvation Army for information on where to help out. is an incredible website that can help match you to very specific areas of interest in your town or city.

Deliver a Meal:  If you have a car, consider volunteering with a local Meals on Wheels program to bring a hot dinner to those who aren't able to join family and friends.

Run a Turkey Trot:  Turkey Trots are races that often benefit local charities, planned on or around Thanksgiving.  Not only are these runs for a good cause, but they're also a way to burn calories - which means you can definitely have that second piece of pumpkin pie!  Simply type "Turkey Trot (your city, state)" into a search engine to find an event near you.  Not a runner?  Not a problem!  Most Turkey Trots offer a walking option. 

Invite a Neighbor, Friend or Acquaintance:  Perhaps you learn that someone may not have a place to go for a holiday meal.  Invite them to Thanksgiving dinner with you and your family.

Take Food to Public Service Workers:  Thanksgiving is just another working day for many public service workers.  Fire Stations, Police Stations, Emergency Workers, etc., all keep the rest of us healthy and safe during the holiday.  Call ahead and ask to bring a few plates for those on duty. 

Visit a Hospital:  Call in advance (or go online) and find out your local hospitals' volunteer policy.  Get yourself setup to volunteer and visit sick patients with an activity to make Thanksgiving day special. 

Visit a Retirement Home:  Many elderly often spend their turkey day without their families who sometimes live far away.  Help ease their loneliness by visiting them and spreading Thanksgiving cheer. 


Saturday, October 25, 2014

New WonderFLEX Color for Fall: Crimson

Crimson is new this season and is now in stock at Laurel Uniforms & Apparel!
6108 Verity lady fit darted Top and 5108 Faith cargo pant - $19.09-$23.59

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ReadyBath Luxe Heavyweight Washcloths

ReadyBath LUXE total body cleansing washcloths are a soft, heavyweight, disposable, premoistened, gentle, no-rinse, pH balanced cleanser that eliminates the need for basins, soaps, linens and lotions. 
ReadyBath LUXE Washcloths
ML-MSC095102 - $2.78

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Micro-Corduroy scrubs are here!

Looking for something new in your scrubs closet?  We have micro-corduroy scrub tops, just in from Koi!
Check them out:
Koi micro-corduroy scrub tops
Top: LUKO255PR in Helen Mod Dot print - $27.99  Bottom:  LUKO253PR Bailey in Honeycomb print - $27.99 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

New Arrivals: HeartSoul by Cherokee

These new HeartSoul scrubs are perfect to mix and match for a stellar fall wardrobe!

HeartSoul by Cherokee

Monday, October 13, 2014

Tired and sore underarms and hands from crutches?

Are your underarms and hands sore and tired from using crutches all day, everyday?  The Crutcheze line of crutch and walker pads and bags are here to make your life easier, more comfortable, and a bit more fun!

Crutcheze pads and hand grips for crutches

Friday, October 10, 2014

NEW! Fold Up Wall Mounted Shower Seat

This shower chair mounts directly to shower wall and saves space by folding up when not in use. 
Fold Up Wall Mounted Shower Chair
NO9404 - $96.00

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wonderful Detailing from Koi!

This Jasmine top in black features pink trim, a zipper inset with leopard print and pocket detail to keep you organized and fashionable!  So darn fun you have to add this to your fall wardrobe!

LUKO244 - $29.99

Click HERE to shop Laurel Uniforms now!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Better Living Corner: "What exactly are slip resistant shoes?"

Slip resistant shoes are certified to provide sure footing.  While a shoe may seem to "grip" the ground well, if they are not labeled "slip resistant" they may still slip when met with certain conditions such as wetness. 
The new SRANGEL shoe from Anywear is a fully molded shoe with anatomical footbed that is designed to match perfectly to the shape of your feet.  All-day comfort with each step!
Only $36.99, in stock now at Laurel Uniforms & Apparel!