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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Knock, Knock...

Knock, Knock.

Who's there? 



Sorry, I can't tell you that. 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Better Living Corner - Dad Has a Hard Time Getting Out of Bed

"My dad has a hard time getting out of bed by himself."

Helping loved ones to help themselves and maintain independence is very important. Here are several products that we recommend:

Bed Caddy Pull Up Ladder ST2085  $25.93
3 Hand grips w/ladder-like design makes sitting up easy. Attaches easily to any bed frame, adjustable from 48”-84”. Rubber handles with nylon straps. 300lb weight capacity.

Bed Cane
ST2040-1  $89.92
Easily to install, height adjusts from 19”-22”, folds down for easy storage and securely attaches to any bed with included safety strap. Includes 4 pocket organizer. 350lb weight capacity.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Make Christmas More Affordable!

We American’s are consumers. With our economy on shaky ground, why not ask your loved ones to forgo gift-giving and make a new tradition of not spending money. It will ease stress on your pocketbook, and chances are, others will be relieved to cut back on spending too!

Ask any parent or grandparent if you can come over for a visit and chances are, they will delight in your request. Instead of standing in long lines, plan a few dates of quality time with your loved ones.

With crafty sites such as Pinterest, there is no shortage of fun creativity to be found. If you are not one to do crafts, make a batch of goodies. Or, plan an evening and cook dinner for someone who otherwise cooks for one.

There are an abundant number of charities that need help, especially around the holidays. In lieu of gift-giving, round up your loved ones for a day spent together at a local charity, food bank or soup kitchen. Chances are, the feeling of volunteering with trump opening presents!

Healthy eating and exercise go hand in hand. Find a way to provide healthier foods through assistance with grocery shopping or providing a well rounded meal on a regular basis. Or, simply going for a regular walk, hike or bike ride together can inspire healthier habits.

Who doesn’t remember stringing popcorn or making paper chains as a child? Giving these fun and festive decorations can lift the spirit of even the grouchiest scrooge.
Bonus: Popcorn strings can be hung in trees for birds.

Everyone loves a bit of game-time fun! Break out a board game or some playing cards and have game time. Or, come up with a bunch of questions, put them in a jar and take turns drawing and answering random questions!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The White Elephant Gift Exchange

The White Elephant Gift Exchange goes by several other names such as Yankee Swap, Black Santa, Naughty Santa, Thieving Secret Santa, etc., but the basic concept is always the same.

This gift exchange is a popular holiday party game found primarily in North America and generally, you need six or more participants to play. The larger the group, the better. The term “white elephant” refers to a gift whose maintenance costs exceed its usefulness. Basically, the gifts are often gifts the participants have received outside of the game, but no longer want, or they can simply be gag gifts. The whole idea is for the gifts to be fun, but not garbage.

The history of the White Elephant comes from the mid-1800’s Asia that was home to actual white elephants. Although it was a revered creature, it was considered a hassle to its owner because of the extensive attention and upkeep the elephant required. There is also a tale that “the King of Siam would award a disagreeable courtier a white elephant, the upkeep of which would ruin the courtier.” And so, a white elephant gift is one that is supposed to be more of a burden (or in many cases, a joke) to it’s recipient, than a desirable gift.

How to organize a White Elephant Gift Exchange:
1. Set the rules for the group by determining if gifts have to be re-gifted, or set a limit on how much they can spend.

2. Find the perfect White Elephant gift and wrap it anonymously.

3. Each person draws a number and beginning with #1, choose and open a gift.

4. #2 now has a choice to either open another gift or “steal” an already opened gift. If they steal a gift, the person whose gift was stolen has the option of stealing from someone else, or opening a new gift. Typically, a gift can only be stolen 2 times. You cannot steal the gift that was just stolen from you.

5. Go to the next drawn number and repeat. The exchange continues until every gift has been opened and the last person opens their gift. It should be noted that #1 should have the final choice to keep their gift or make one final steal.

One variation is to not place a limit on the times a gift can be stolen, but instead limit the number of times a person can be stolen from. Or, another version is to leave all of the gifts unwrapped until the end, and then allow each person one steal once the presents are opened. In another variation, all gifts must conform to a theme such as gardening or cooking. A more drastic variation involves gifts that are neither purchased or desirable, such as an “ugliest gift” or “most useless” gift.

Some groups have even found ways to have parties online via email, video chat and social sites, and some even have them tied to online gift shopping! Happy gifting!