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Monday, November 23, 2015

How To Survive the Holidays with FAMILY....

The first Thanksgiving brought together the Pilgrims and Native American tribes who hadn't exactly been best buddies. Many Americans can say the same thing about the Holidays and spending time with family. So, how do you get through the holidays without conflict and even reconnect with family in positive ways?
Here are a few suggestions.

Do Your Homework!
Arrive with memories of family FUN (not disasters), to spark laughter and bonding. “Remember when…” will engage family members in reliving positive family moments.
Think of some movies, novels or pop culture on which you’ll all agree. Remember the good old days of Hannah Montana? Does anyone aspire to wear hats like Pharrell Williams? What TV shows are you binge watching these days? Can we help set Grandma up with Netflix so she can binge watch too?
Brainstorm Future Fun
As our families move on to new places in life, new traditions are bound to appear. Instead of exchanging gifts, plan an annual bowling or movie outing instead. Or, have a game night and potluck. Think of new ways to spend time together that center around an activity to provide distractions should conversations take a wayward turn. If all goes well, perhaps you can discuss trips you’d like to take together.
Express Care and Concern
Expressing interest in, and concern about each other’s health and wellbeing is usually appreciated and a way to bond. Avoid any competitive undertones or touchy topics, and be truly supportive if you can.
Whatever you do, don’t leave the table to go shopping! Stores that are open on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day, are ruining other peoples’ holidays and should not be rewarded. It’s also taking the easy way out of time spent with family. Stay at the table and make the most of the opportunity to enjoy family while they’re still around and in good health.

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