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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Better Living Corner: "The disposable waterproof pad rips easily"

 "When moving my patient, the disposable waterproof pad rips. Is there a stronger option?"

Yes! All-in-One Underpads by Attends are strong enough to move up to 400lbs, all while preventing leaks in a superior way!
Features a soft cloth-like topsheet, supersorb dryness layer, leakage guard film and a maximum strength breathable backsheet. Also, the embossed pattern on the soft, cloth-like topsheet improves channeling of wetness into the core. Leakage Guard Film, leak-proof, non-slip backsheet.
Clinically proven to reduce Stage I & II pressure ulcers.
Reduces labor cost and minimizes odor associated with storing and laundering reusable underpads. 

PGASB-3036G - $5.23/pkg of 5

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