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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Better Living Corner: How do I dispose of unused medications?

"I heard flushing unused medications down the toilet is bad. What should I do with them?"
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 Flushing medications down the toilet has been found to contaminate water, and throwing them in the trash has been found to contaminate ground soil. 
A better way to dispose of unused and unwanted medications is DRUGBUSTER® drug disposal system.  This system uses simple earth friendly ingredients to closely replicate the human stomach function and instantly breaks down unwanted medications to help prevent drug abuse, diversion and poisoning. Works with tablets, capsules, creams and liquids.
Can be disposed of in regular trash and is guaranteed responsible disposal by minimizing pollution of the environment.
Stop waiting to dispose of drug and medications, dissolve your drugs and medication today!
16 oz bottle holds approximately 300 pills, sold by the bottle. Call for more information on larger sizes and quantities. 
ML-OTC3210 - $12.07/16oz. bottle

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