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Friday, February 7, 2014

Better Living Corner: "I don't get out for exercise as much during winter."

Laura told us that she doesn't get out for exercise as much during winter because of the bad weather. 

With a few of our suggestions, she can exercise in her own home and keep up her strength and mobility during winter!

Here are our suggestions:

Theraband Exercise Bands come in minimal to maximal resistance and provide both positive and negative force to improve strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups.  HN200xx - $13.43-$17.07
Pedlar Exerciser features a large display that records time, revolution count, revolution per minute and calorie count.  Use with arms or legs.  NO6002-R - $46.81
Pulley Exerciser works the upper body easily and safely using 2 handgrips.  Increase range of motion in arms.  Fits most standard doors.  DU660-2030-0000 - $19.34

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