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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Health Insurance: How Ya Doin'?

I recently had a conversation with my favorite Aunt who is in her mid-sixties, and she updated me on the "health insurance hell" she has recently been enduring. 

Her existing insurance provider, which she purchased on her own, out of pocket, decided to drop her.

She doesn't qualify for Medicaid.

She isn't ready to accept Social Security retirement yet, so she doesn't qualify for Medicare. 

So, her only option appears to be utilizing the state health insurance exchange.  Or, go without health insurance and face a penalty, which would be a risky move.

In the process she is required to get herself NOT qualified, so she has had to divulge all of her intimate financial information and prove she is in fact a citizen of the United States (with more copies of intimate information).  She has spent hours on the telephone, had several face to face meetings, not to mention making a mess of her important files (which adds more stress).  This has literally become a part time job for her because, of course, there are deadlines.

And she isn't even done yet. 

Her frustration oozes through to me and I don't know what to say, except to email her a link for a little bit of comic relief:

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