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Friday, August 16, 2013

Better Living Corner: Diaper Pail for Adult Briefs

Customer Question:  Do they make a diaper pail for adult briefs?

Our new Akord Diaper Pail systems are designed to handle adult diapers or ostomy disposal!  These diaper pail systems feature superior odor control, reusable cartridges, ABS plastic, easy access, large capacity and ergonomic pedal for hands free use. 

You can choose from the following:
DIAPER PAIL - Available in two sizes.  Large holds up to 10 small or medium briefs.  XLarge holds up to 12 large or xlarge briefs.  (AZ15-0x000 $47.46 - $69.49)
REFILL PACKS - Large refill pack contains 4 refills. Xlarge refill pack contains 3 refills.
(AZ15-0x100 $28.33 - $29.17)
STARTER KIT - Save money! 
Large kit contains Large diaper pail and 8 refills.  XLarge kit contains XLarge diaper pail and 6 refills.  (AZ15-1x000 $95.24 - $119.05)

To shop now, click HERE!

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