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Friday, May 31, 2013

Compression Garment FAQ's

Question: Does compression therapy prevent blood from circulating properly?

Answer: Compression therapy is a mechanical treatment which operates from the outside and exerts pressure reducing the caliber of sick veins. The valves become closer which allows them to carry out their function. The venous blood circulation increases, the ebbing is controlled and the stasis weakens. The venous circulation gets better. The compressive treatment has no effect on arteries.

Question: If I continually wear compression garments are my leg muscles weakened?

Answer: Compression garments have no negative effect on muscles.

Question: Can I prevent the appearance of varicose veins?

Answer: Be aware of your personal risks, identify any early warning signs and get moving! Walk, take the stairs, find a physical activity and do it regularly. If you must sit or stand all day, be sure to move around every hour. Raise your legs, shower your legs with cold water, and wear compression garments to combat the appearance of varicose veins.

Question: What is graduated compression and why is it so important?

Answer: Graduated compression puts the strongest pressure where the veins are the weakest. Simply because of gravity, that’s usually the ankles. That is where the greatest swelling occurs. And, the single most important component in treatment of venous disease is the reduction of swelling.

Question: How do graduated compression therapy garments work?

Answer: Medically accurate graduated compression therapy stockings push dilated vein walls back into place, enabling veins to close properly and function more efficiently. The result is increased blood flow which, in turn, significantly reduces leg swelling, pain, fatigue and risk of blood clot formation.

Question: Why are higher rated compression garments sold by prescription only?

Answer: Because medical compression garments are designed to provide exact compression, the correct fit is critical. Exact compression means that pressure is distributed in a graduated manner up the leg, maximizing blood flow from the leg veins back to the heart. Only a professional fitter can ensure accurate measurement of your legs and therefore, the right garment for your individual needs. Every retailer that sells medical compression garments should be a professional fitter, so verify this when purchasing your garments.

Question: Can I drink coffee, tea and alcohol when I have a venous disorder?

Answer: Coffee and tea have no influence on serious venous thrombosis or post-thrombotic syndrome. Alcohol, however, dilates veins so they have to double their work, so check with your doctor.

Question: How will I feel in compression garments?

Answer: As with any new therapy, they take some getting used to, but you’ll have more energy and feel better almost immediately.

Medical compression should be worn only as prescribed by your physician and is not recommended for patients with severe arterial insufficiency.

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