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Monday, August 27, 2012

Price Reduction on Pulse Oximeters!

Price reductions don't happen very often so we were excited when it happened on our pulse oximeters! 

What is a pulse oximeter, you ask?  It is a little device that you place on the tip of one of your fingers that easily measures your pulse rate.  Its easier than putting two fingers on your wrist, shushing everyone nearby to be quiet, counting the beats within a certain period of time and then doing the MATH to calculate your actual heart rate. 

And now you can get pulse oximeters for LESS!

The OPE1 Oxi-Go Elite was $52.29, NOW $46.14

The OPP1 Oxi-Go Premier was $46.14, NOW $38.31

We have a handy accessories for your pulse oximeter as well:

Oximeter Belt Case in various colors

Oximeter Protective Skin in clear

For more information or to order Pulse Oximeters and accessories, visit our website today!

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