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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Learn Something New Everyday

Most people learn how to do a few things very well in the course of their lifetime. We become experts at several things, usually tied to our jobs, or our way of life. Then, as we grow older and retire, we may pick up a new hobby or interest and become experts at those things in later years.

But, have you thought about simply learning something new, something simple, each and every day? With the internet, taking just ten minutes to learn something new is just a click away! is a watch, learn and discover website where you watch videos, created by experts, of the topic you wish to learn about. Most of the videos are relatively short, so learning something new is quick and easy. MonkeySee categories include Auto & Mechanical, Electronics & Gadgets, Hobbies & Crafts, Home & Garden, Careers & Education, Food & Drink, Safety, Travel and much more! Visit to sign up. allows people to learn new things from a credible source while on the go. They publish original, short audio podcasts about liberal arts topics (history, economics, current events, business) that are approximately 8 minutes in length. They are available via iTunes or for $.99 each, or longer, multi-track lessons are sold for $3.99 to $24.99 (for 6 tracks, up to 72 tracks). Visit for more information. is a weekly current events magazine that summarizes the news of the previous week. They draw on a variety of sources to present a short, but balanced overview of issues, and if you want to dig deeper, they provide links to original sources. The Week provides a great way for busy readers to learn about current evens. Visit for more information.

Curious about how the heart works, or how far the pitchers mound is in baseball? Visit From the makers of The Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, this site provides information clearly and in layman’s terms.

Want something simple and quick? Go to and click on “Random Article” on the left hand side. Wikipedia is a free, online encyclopedia that anyone can edit and contribute information to. While the articles can be interesting, double checking references listed at the end of each article is a good idea.


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