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Friday, October 25, 2013

Withered Corpse Game

This game has been around a while but it is great fun for about 8 years-old and up.  You need 2 or more people to play.

HOW TO PLAY:  Prepare the "body parts" and place in individual bowls or cups.  Create a list with answer spaces for each player, of the "body parts" and hand out to each player. 
In a darkened room, recite the spooky poem as you pass around the cups/bowls for each player to feel.  When you turn on the lights, have each player write down what they think was really in each cup or bowl. 

Once upon a Halloween night
Living in this spooky town
Was a man who dies of freight
Bearing the name of Brown.

Many and many a year has passed
Since they buried Brown away,
But his withering corpse we've here amassed
Dug up from his tomb today!

Here is his brain, which feels no pain.
(pass around a wet squishy tomato)

Here are his eyes, frozen in surprise.
(pass around the enxt cup which holds two frozen peeled grapes)

Here is his heart, nevermore to start! 
(pass around a lump of bread dough)

Here is his hair, once so fair!
(pass around a clump of unstrung yarn or string)

A few drops of blood, the rest turned to mud!
(pass a cup with a little catsup)

One hand all alone, rotting flesh and bone.
(plastic glove filled with mud and a few sticks)

Now touch his ear, which does not hear!
(pass around a dried apricot)

And here is his nose, cold in his repose.
(pass a cup with a dried carrot)

All that's left of his skin are these worms within!
(pass wet, cooked spaghetti noodles)

Poor Brown is dead and withered away,
Can you guess what we really felt today?

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