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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Incontinence Price Reduction!

It seems these days that prices only go UP, but this is not the case with a select bunch of our incontinence products because some prices have actually gone DOWN!  Check it out:

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Tena Ultra Diaper, SC67x00, was $30.13-$39.45, NOW $29.20-$39.64!

Attends Waistband Diapers, PGBRW10xxx was $21.25-$23.20, NOW $16.04!

Attends Breathable Diapers, PGBRBxxx, was $15.22-$20.09, NOW $12.84-$17.11

Prevail Guards for Men, FQPV-811 was $5.18, NOW $4.92!

Prevail Pull-Up Super-Plus Diapers, FQPVS-51X was $17.28, NOW $14.47!

Prevail PM Extra Diapers, FQNTB-012 was $15.00, NOW $14.22!

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