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Monday, April 28, 2014

The 5 Floral Scrub Tops We Love Now!

LUKO165E-CHF, Dakota in Chalk Floral
Why we love this print:
Its for the girly-girl who can wear white without ruining it!  Plus the flowers have multiple color shades so you can wear pretty much any pink, purple, blue or green pant with it!

LUCH82710C-INTH, Dickies Into the Flight
Why we love this print:
The details and the color!  The keyhole neckline is cute, the bust darts are flattering and the sweet apple green trim with the blue just screams summer to us!

LUKO190PLM-SHB, Brianna in Sweet Herringbone
Why we love this print:
We are simply loving the canary yellow this season!  With this top, the flowers balance well with the herringbone, AND you can wear it with one of the ga-zillion pairs of black pants you own!

LUWK6717-FIP, Four-Stretch in Flip Side
Why we love this print:
This floral print isn't too "loud" since its black and white, and it has those stretchy side panels that are oh-so-comfortable!  Plus, this top wears great straight out of the dryer!
LUKO251PR-WAL, Brittany in Wallpaper
Why we love this print:
This top is just appeals to our feminine side!  And we think the black and pink color combo is simply beautiful, and easy to pair with the ever-present black pant! 
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