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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Look! Simply Amazing Stuff!

With technology making information so accessible, its simple to look up and learn about the world around us.  For instance, the polychaete worm belongs to a class of annelids that can live in the coldest parts of the ocean, to the hottest environment in the world, right near hydrothermal vents.  No wonder they have been on this plant for about 530 million years, which is over 200 million years longer than trees!

NASA Finds the World's Longest Canyon Beneath Greenland

Move over, Grand Canyon, make way for...Greenland?  Yep, NASA has been busy sending signals under the ice in Greenland trying to map out a 460-mile long canyon, and they arent even done measuring it yet!  

A Hot-Pink Millipede That Oozes Cyanide

This new guy, called the Shocking Pink Dragon Millipede, was first documented in 2007.  The hot pink color should serve as fair warning to predators; It produces cyanide that smells like...almonds? 

World's Oldest Decimal Times Table Found in China

This newly deciphered decimal times table was written on bamboo strips dated to 310 B.C.  Purchased at a Hong Kong art market by a Tsinghua University alumni, it was donated to a team of scholars.  It took the scholars 4 years to dry, clean and decipher the table.  It is suspected the table was used to calculate land area, crop yields and taxes.

Silly Putty Was Accidentally Discovered

During WWII, James Wright dropped boric acid into silicone oil trying to create a synthetic rubber substitute.  In 1950, Peter Hodgson saw its potential as a toy and history was written!  Silly Putty is also useful in stress reduction, physical therapy, and in medical and scientific simulations. It was even used to secure tools in zero gravity on Apollo 8.


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