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Monday, January 12, 2015

Better Living Corner: "Is there an ostomy deodorizer that doesn't just "mask" odors?"

Try Na'Scent Ostomy Odor Eliminator Drops!
Na`Scent is stabilized oxygen in a high concentrate – oxygen in the molecular form. It is perfectly safe, non-toxic, effective and wonderfully easy to use. Na`Scent gives ostomates a new beginning for an odor free life.
How does Na`Scent work? Well recognized oxidizing agents approved for use by the USDA and FDA are combined with reverse osmosis purified water, thus creating a water-based liquid that attacks and inhibits the proliferation of anaerobic microorganisms and encourages an aerobic environment.
12oz per bottle, sold by the bottle.
MI0112N00EWS - $15.81

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