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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Difficulty with Stairs?

When stairs become too difficult to navigate either from injuries or declining strength and dexterity, people often think it’s time to sell their home and find a single-level living arrangement.  With a stair lift, you can keep that independence, keep your home, and still access basements and second levels. 

With prices starting at $2,833.33 for an average flight of stairs, stair lifts become an economical solution for staying in your home.    The average cost to move a 4-bedroom home across town can run $2,500 and up, and the average cost to move from one major city to another can run over $10,000!  Of course this is a fair assumption a moving company is needed to help with the household move. 

Stair lifts bring safety and independence on the stairs.  They are a reliable, safe and comfortable alternative and are simple to operate.  At Mountain View Medical Supply we offer Brooks stair lifts because of their slim-line design which enables others to use the stairs as normal.  Also, they do not damage your home as the treads are attached to your stairs and not your wall, an important point to consider in the resale value of your home.
Brooks Stair lifts are built to last, with low maintenance and high reliability. They run on maintenance free DC Power packs, which are automatically recharged at the end of every trip. So even if there is a power failure the Brooks Stair lift glides smoothly to its destination. This type of power also means the stair lift is whisper quiet and incredibly smooth.
Also featured with the Brooks stair lift:
Wireless Remote Control
The lift can be 'called' or 'sent' up or down the stairs whenever it's needed, making it easy for multiple users to control the stair lift.
Safety cut-out sensors on carriage and footrest
If anything is blocking the progress of the stair lift, it will come to an immediate halt. There are 5 sensors: 3 on the footrest, and 2 on the carriage.
Swivel seat, locks in either 45° or 90° position
The seat turns and locks in either a 45° or 90° position, helping you get in and out of your stair lift, easily and safely.
Simple to use controls
Using the lift is as easy as pushing the armrest paddle in the direction of travel.
Soft start and stop system
No sudden jolts to set the user off balance.
Low voltage operation
Eliminates risk of shock

Stair lifts are priced and built to fit your custom stairs, please call 800-873-7121 for pricing.


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