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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Time for New Scooter Batteries?

Most manufacturers give scooter batteries a 2 year life, but some go at 18 months, and others last up to 4 years. 
When you receive your new batteries, they will have some residual charge.  Install them in your scooter and fully charge the batteries. 
After a first charge, the batteries will be at about 90 per cent charged.  Use your scooter for a bit, then charge it again for eight to ten hours.  The batteries will now hold between 90 to 99 per cent of their potential.
After charging your batteries four or five more times, the batteries will be able to power your scooter to it's maximum capability. 

Tips to extend the life of your scooter batteries:
 - Temperature will effect the life of a battery, so if you store your scooter for the winter, remove the batteries and store them where the temperature is stable and warm.
-  Charge your batteries after each use, even if you have not been very far. 
-  Don’t leave your batteries for long periods without being charged, even if you have not used your scooter.
-  Always give your batteries at least 12 hours each time you charge them.

Remember:  Batteries that are drained to almost zero power and charged infrequently will have to be replaced more often. 

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