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Friday, December 13, 2013

ATTN: Holiday Shoppers!

These are interesting tidbits about shopping during the holidays:

On average, a holiday shopper makes 5 trips to the mall before obtaining all gifts for the holiday season.

Many people are last minute holiday shoppers.  Between Dec. 15 and Dec. 24, 40% of the entire holiday season sales are made.

The average holiday shopper spends over one hundred dollars on items for him or her self while out shopping.

There are roughly 1,175 malls in the United States, which generate $308 billion in annual sales.  $10.7 billion of that is generated on Black Friday.

The second most popular present after clothing will be gift cards, with an average of $40 on each card.

Many “door buster deals” on Black Friday are typically very limited supplies, maybe just 4-6 per store, and act merely as lures to attract customers.

The National Retail Federation considers the “holiday shopping” season to be the full months of November and December, which is usually 55 days.

The busiest shopping day of the year is not Black Friday, but the Saturday before Christmas.

Researchers have proven that a “50% off” sign leads in increased sales, even if shoppers don’t know the original price or what a reasonable price for the product would be.

Researchers have noted that a traditional Thanksgiving dinner full of tryptophan and carbohydrates creates serotonin, which is known to reduce impulsive behavior.

Retailers take advantage of traditional Christmas smells and tastes to attract customers.  Hungry customers are more likely to buy anything, not just food. 

In 2008, a Wal-Mart employee was trampled to death when he attempted to open the doors to the store at 5am on a Black Friday.

All 364 items in the popular song “The Twelve Days of Christmas” would cost $96,824 in 2010.

Single people are 3 times as likely to wait until the day of an occasion to purchase a gift. 

The time spent watching video on tablets increased by 73% on Christmas Day 2012 over the Q4 average. 

14% of consumers who purchased toys during the 2012 holiday season, purchased video game consoles.


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