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Friday, January 4, 2013

Laurel Uniforms is now a PERKA Merchant

We are pleased to announce that Laurel Uniforms and Apparel is now a PERKA merchant!  What is PERKA, you ask?

PERKA is a smartphone loyal customer reward program app that you use on either your iPhone or Android phone.  If you don't have a smartphone, (you just use a basic cell phone), you can still continue to use our Laurel Customer Loyalty Cards to earn rewards. 

A:  From your smartphone, text “Laurel” to 330-400-3300 and then follow the text instructions - it’s THAT easy!   
B:  Or, visit our website at, and click on the “We Love Regulars” icon in the upper left corner.  Once you click the icon, simply follow the prompts to download the app and start earning points!

And to get you started, just for signing up,   you automatically earn 25 points!

HOW TO CONTINUE EARNING POINTS:  When you visit Laurel Uniforms, simply open the PERKA app on your smartphone and click “check in” at the bottom.  This will notify us that you have arrived!  Then, once you make your selections, let us know you want to earn more PERKA points and we will then confirm your purchase points to your PERKA account at the time of purchase.  At any point, we are happy to let you know how many “available points” you currently have.

REWARDS:  To start earning rewards, download the PERKA app to your smartphone and sign up as a Laurel Loyal Customer, and you will automatically get 25 points!  Then, when you earn 200 or more points, you then receive $20 off your next purchase.  Each dollar spent is equal to one point.

Again, this is just for Laurel Uniform customers at this point, but we do hope to add Mountain View Medical Supply as a PERKA merchant sometime in the future. 

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