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Friday, September 21, 2012

Are You a Football Widow, too?

I know, Eli. I know. 

Definition:  Football Widow (foot-bawl wid-oh);  noun

1. For at least 26 weeks, starting in August, and ending in February, a person is completely occupied with the game of football, on TV, thus causing their significant others to become temporarily a person without a significant other. 

First there was Fantasy Football which takes time to set players, check injured reserve lists, and all that garbage.

Then, there was the expansion of games on TV going from Sunday plus a Monday night game to some games on Thursday, college football all day Saturday, professional games allllll day Sunday and then a Monday night game, I swear, we get maybe two or three days a week that are football free. 

I mean, the kids dont raise themselves and the house doesnt magically get clean. 

Somebody is going to snap one of these days. 

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