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Friday, March 30, 2012


When the new healthcare bill came to light, I wondered what the American Medical Association (AMA) thought of this overhaul to our healthcare system. I wanted to know what the doctor population in America thought of the changes coming, since in my opinion, they are in the trenches and see a lot of things everyone else does not see.

What I found was alarming.

Apparently the AMA has a vested interest in the new healthcare bill. The coding system that ALL doctors, hospitals, etc., are required to use is owned by the AMA. Which lead me to wonder, "is the AMA working for the best interest of the medical professionals, or for themselves?".

After doing more research, I came across an organization called Docs4PatientCare (, and their main goal is to preserve the doctor-patient relationship. As an American who uses medical care in the United States, I was almost relieved at finding a group of doctors fighting to keep the government out of the doctor patient relationship. These are doctors that are concerned about patient rights! They are concerned about the new bill giving doctors free reign to turn down care for a patient in need.

I hope you take a moment to peruse the Docs4PatientCare website. There is some valuable information from Americans who have taken oath to do the right thing when it comes to medical care and patients.

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