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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Right Exercises for Seniors

By: Mike Myers,

Senior fitness requires exercise, but it must be the correct exercise. If seniors exercise incorrectly they can cause great harm. Here are the right exercises for seniors.

There are four basic components of correct exercise for seniors that will lead to healthy living: cardio, strength, flexibility and balance. There is a fifth component which leads to healthy living, even though its not exercise, but it is worth mentioning here. That is a regular diet of the right foods, eating lots of fruits and vegetables with lean meat, grains and dairy.

Cardio Training - For cardio training you need an activity that increases the heart rate. Good exercises that are appropriate for seniors include: walking, swimming and bike riding. Becoming involved in this form of exercise three or more times per week is essential.

Strength Exercise - Strength building exercises are also important for seniors. As we age our muscles slowly begin to decline in their size. The more a muscle is not used the more it will shrink. As a senior it is important to exercise with light weights a few times each week to keep muscles strong.
For weight training, seniors can buy weights at various stores, and the best are those made of rubber because they are less damaging should they be dropped.

Flexibility and Stretching Exercise - For good posture and healthy joints it is important for seniors to undertake a few minutes each day or every other day a regime of stretching exercises. Exercises that involve stretching help keep the body flexible.

Balance Exercises - Finally, it is necessary for seniors to do some sort of balance exercises. This is an area of exercise that is often overlooked, yet very important. Slip and fall accidents are the number one category of injury for the elderly. The reason is because as we age we also lose our sense of balance and become more vulnerable to falling. By doing balance exercises this will help prevent fall accidents.

As with any exercise activity, especially as a senior, it will be critical to consult with your physician first before anything is started. Exercises must be done right and include all four of the mentioned components, if allowable. Take your proposed exercise plan with you to your next appointment!

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