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Friday, October 7, 2011

Life in the Blogsphere

As a blogger, there are a handfull of other bloggers that I follow - not many, just a handful. I only know one of the bloggers personally, so the others are basically strangers to me and they are randomly spaced out across the United States.

I follow other bloggers because they provide inspiration to me, for this blog. Most all of them are wonderful writers. Some are funny, some are political and some are just living life and documenting via their blogs, as a source of emotional outlet.

This blog mainly serves as a business outlet, with a little bit of interesting and personal stuff on the side. Nobody really likes all business, do they?

Our blog was "quiet" this week because I was out of the office for a few days - my husband had to have an apendectomy. They are fairly routine now, with new removal methods he literally went to work the day after his hospital discharge, for a few hours. While this turned out to be a bump in the road, it made me reflect, appreciate and be grateful for our life as it is. This medical scare turned out ok. Whew.

One blogger I follow had a baby last week. Her life has certainly changed in a big way! Her writing is amazing, even when she is very sleep deprived. I am happy for her and even though I dont know her, I wish her well.

Another blogger I follow suddenly and heartbreakingly lost her 28 year old son. I follow her because she is retired and talks about life as a senior citizen. Her son was engaged, working a good job, settling down and living life as most Americans do. Then one night, he got in an altercation and a single punch to the face ended his life.

Life can change in an instant. It can provide happiness. It can give you a bump in the road. It can alter you and your life in an instant.

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