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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

OSTOMY: Some Good Ideas From Here and There

Via Fox Valley Ostomy News and Ostomy Association of Metro Denver, Inc.

Avoid "vacuum lock" in your pouch by keeping a little air in it. This is a big reason that people with new ostomies have "leaks". This is especially true for the urostomates when hooking up to your night drainage bag. Always be sure to leave a little urine in your day-bag as a "prime" for the night drainage bag.

Parsley is an excellent natural internal deodorant, therefore eat some parsley.

If you want medicines to work quickly, drown them. They dissolve and absorb faster with plenty of water to wash them down.

Vitamins should be taken on a full stomach; otherwise, they irritate the lining of the stomach and produce the sensation of being full.

Never wait until you have used your last pouching system before ordering a new supply. Always keep a list of your supplies with you on a small piece of paper complete with order numbers, size and manufacturers.

Don't be afraid to try something new, you may find something better than you are presently using.

Of course if you ever have questions about your ostomy products, or if you want to know about NEW products, our customer service experts are happy to help!

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