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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love for Your Hands and Feet!

Winter seems especially hard on our hands and feet, so here are a few products to help you pamper them all winter long!

Atrac-Tain Cream contains 10% Urea and A.H.A. to help relieve severely dry skin.  Specially formulated to provide intensive moisturization.  CO1814 - $13.78/5oz bottle
Sween 24 Cream is a highly effective cream that helps prevent and temporarily protects chafed, chapped, or dry skin.  eliminates the need for multiple daily applications and moisturizes for a full 24 hours.  Non-irritating and non-sensitizing.  CO7092 - $6.62/5oz bottle
Cotton Dermal Gloves made of 100% white cotton are for use at night with skin creams and lotions.  Softens skin with regular use.  Also can wear under latex or vinyl examination gloves as a liner.  Available in small, medium or large.  CXP75x - $3.27/pair
Grip-Ezy Clippers feature a large design that is easy to hold, and non-slip grip for maximum control.  Available in toenail version as well.  ED94687 - $11.64
Soapy Soles Elite Foot Scrub features 3 in 1 foot care!  1. Clean with a grass-like surface, 2. Massage with a tactile surface to increase circulation, 3. Center oval stimulates the heel and ball of foot.  Powerful suction cups hold in place, then hang on the shower wall to try dry.  SM03130 - $17.73

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